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No Way to Help the High Street

A new paper from the Centre for Policy Studies, supported by the Coalition for a Digital Economy (Coadec), shows that an Online Sales Tax would do more harm than good to consumers, businesses and the economy – as the Government’s own consultation paper to a large extent acknowledges.

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After the Virus: A plan for restoring growth

Sajid Javid - Economy

Major new report by Sajid Javid MP and Centre for Policy Studies sets out a vision for economic recovery after the pandemic. Report stresses vital importance of Bank of England independence but argues that the Government and the Bank should consider a shift in its remit from targeting inflation to nominal GDP, in order to better deliver sustained growth.

Help to Build: An emergency plan to support housing supply

Alex Morton - Housing

The Centre for Policy Studies, Britain’s leading centre-right think tank, has developed an emergency plan to support the housing sector. ‘Help to Build’ – written by David Cameron’s former chief housing adviser – would help all developers to weather the storm, ensure continuing housing supply while saving smaller and medium sized developers from ruin and having to make hardworking employees redundant.

How Hydrogen Can Fuel A Transport Revolution

Eamonn Ives - Energy

The new report from the Centre for Policy Studies, the leading centre-right think tank, argues that the approach to transport decarbonisation must not leave certain vehicles behind, and in doing so forfeit significant future economic opportunities.

Borrowing could hit £300bn as costs of coronavirus rise

Caroline Elsom - Economy

New Centre for Policy Studies ‘cost of coronavirus’ counter estimates a total direct and indirect cost to Government this year of £246 billion. This could bring total borrowing this year to approximately £300 billion. This total figure is roughly equivalent to double the UK’s current level of healthcare spending – in other words, enough to fund the NHS twice over

Carbon Border Tax would stop Britain hiding its true carbon emissions

Tony Lodge - Tax

A new paper from the Centre for Policy Studies calls for the introduction of a Carbon Border Tax on carbon-intensive imports to reduce global emissions and better support domestic industries.

The CPS sets out its priorities for the Budget

James Heywood -

The Centre for Policy Studies has published a pre-Budget briefing outlining the priority areas that Rishi Sunak, the new Chancellor, should address in order to boost growth and allow hard-working people to keep more of their earnings.   The leading centre-right think tank recognises that the Chancellor faces a tough balancing act, with manifesto promises… View Article

UK should adopt ‘full expensing’ to boost business

Stephen J. Entin -

Former Reagan adviser urges UK to adopt ‘full expensing’ as most cost-effective way to boost business

Tax cuts don’t have to be taxing

Tom Clougherty -

The Centre for Policy Studies, the leading centre-right think tank, has released a new report which makes the case for the so-called “dynamic” effects of tax cuts.

CPS launches Resentful Renters

Graham Edwards -

The Conservative Party manifesto argued for the creation of a new market in long-term fixed rate mortgages. A new Centre for Policy Studies report by Graham Edwards, ‘Resentful Renters’, explains precisely why such a market is so necessary.

The Costs of a Four-Day Week to the Public Sector

Jethro Elsden - Public Services

A new report by Jethro Elsden for the Centre for Policy Studies, attempts to evaluate the costs for the public sector of a four-day work week.

A Rising Tide: Levelling up left-behind Britain

Nick King - General

A new Centre for Policy Studies report, launched today by the Communities Secretary, the Rt Hon Robert Jenrick MP, sets out the full extent to which wealth, talent, trade and investment are concentrated in London and the South East – and offers a detailed blueprint to spread prosperity more widely.

Stamping Down

Alex Morton - Housing

The Government is currently considering whether or not to reduce stamp duty in the coming months ahead of any election. This new report by Alex Morton argues that stamp duty on homes is a tax on mobility and aspiration, and calls for drastic cuts.

Popular Capitalism

Robert Colvile -

In a new report, CPS Director Robert Colvile argues that politicians should embrace a domestic agenda built around offering people greater control of their lives.

Fight for Free Schools

Suella Braverman MP - General

‘Fight for Free Schools’, authored by Suella Braverman MP, urges the Government to double down on the success of the free schools programme by speeding up the expansion of free schools and ensuring that they act as drivers of competition and innovation within the system.

Changing Gear: A Growth Budget to Boost the British Economy

The Rt Hon Priti Patel MP - Economy

‘Changing Gear: A Growth Budget to Boost the British Economy’, authored by The Rt Hon Priti Patel MP, explains how and why the British economy urgently needs a Budget for Growth to kick start a boost to the British economy.

Tipping the Balance: How Trade and Investment can Rebalance the UK Economy

Eamonn Ives -

USE ‘OPPORTUNITY ZONES’ TO SPREAD BENEFITS OF TRADE ACROSS ALL OF THE UK AFTER BREXIT, NEW REPORT URGES Centre for Policy Studies (CPS) pamphlet shows London and South East dominate trade and FDI in the UK, responsible for 43 per cent of Britain’s exports, and over half of all new inward FDI projects between 2015… View Article

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49 - 64 of 805 Research articles