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British families pay highest childcare costs in the developed world

Close to a third of the average couple’s income is now spent on childcare in Britain, three times the amount in Germany and the highest in Europe, according to a report from the Centre for Policy Studies. Elizabeth Dunkley, who authored the report, said tackling the cost of childcare in this way would “improve the… View Article

Minister puts carbon border tax on agenda

The carbon border adjustment mechanism, commonly known as a carbon border tax, will be among options in a consultation later in the year, Lucy Frazer, the financial secretary to the Treasury, said yesterday. Groups including the Climate Change Committee and the Centre for Policy Studies have asked ministers to consider such a tax to tackle… View Article

Economists hit back at Cable post-Brexit financial services regulation fears

The government is looking at freeing up pensions funds to invest via changes to Solvency II regulations and has given the financial regulator a mandate to consider growth in its decisions. Gerard Lyons, from the Centre for Policy Studies, said “the areas in which the UK is looking to diverge will enhance its and the… View Article

‘Don’t be like America’ Leading pollster warns cultures wars WILL destroy Britain

Dr Frank Luntz, whose political insights helped George W. Bush and David Cameron win power on either side of the Atlantic, delivered a stunning lecture where he said the twin evils of wokeism on the left and populism on the right are destroying democracy in the US. He likened wokeism to coranvirus infecting the country… View Article

Ditch peak fares and introduce Rail Miles for train passengers, Grant Shapps urged

The Centre for Policy Studies has warned “there is no going back to the old world” despite taxpayers paying £16bn to keep trains running during coronavirus. The centre-right think tank said a simpler, fairer and more flexible ticketing system – with peak fares scrapped – is required as part of measures to avoid a spiral… View Article

WFH surge saw the number of people commuting five days a week fall to just 15 per cent of pre-pandemic levels

Total commuter journeys fell to just 45 per cent of pre-pandemic levels, and only 41 per cent into London, according to analysis by the Centre for Policy Studies (CPS). But five-day-a-week, peak-hour commuting has taken the hardest hit – with levels down by 85 per cent compared to pre-Covid levels, the think-tank said. The data is… View Article

Rail could cost £6bn per year without government reform

An analysis by UK think tank Centre for Policy Studies (CPS) argued that without a complete makeover, the network will fall into a decline and underinvestment scenario that could force the government to either increase income tax or cut services to revive it. “The pandemic fundamentally changed the nature of rail in the UK,” said… View Article

Green quango blocks housing developments across Britain

Speaking at a conference organised by the Centre for Policy Studies, Ben Houchen, mayor of  the Tees Valley combined authority, said: “Natural England literally three weeks ago without any consultation just decided to slap on nutrient neutrality as a requirement for any approval of housing, which now means that all five local authority areas that cover… View Article

Holi-yay boost for Brits as B&Bs could finally be able to offer money-saving deals amid end to restrictive EU laws

British B&Bs could be cut loose from EU laws hindering them offering package deals – as Jacob Rees-Mogg plans to light a bonfire of red tape. Earlier this year he urged Sun readers to write to him with which rules they want ditched – and they have been taking up the offer in droves. Yesterday told an… View Article

Brexit Britain’s bonfire of red tape held back by ‘huge cost’ of net zero

Speaking at an event organised by the Centre for Policy Studies, Mr Rees-Mogg warned of the “huge regulatory cost”. He said: “Net zero is going to be a huge regulatory cost and that is an issue for the country to face and to face up to. “If we were to have a ‘one in, one… View Article

Jacob Rees-Mogg warns over ‘huge cost’ of net zero drive

The “huge regulatory cost” of Boris Johnson’s drive for net zero will hold back plans for a post-Brexit bonfire of red tape, Jacob Rees-Mogg has warned. Speaking at an event organised by the Centre for Policy Studies, Mr Rees-Mogg said: “Net zero is going to be a huge regulatory cost and that is an issue for the… View Article

New energy strategy could take half a decade to reduce bills

This energy security strategy is the fifth energy policy announcement in a long line of energy policy announcements. We need the Government to start delivering. Ministers must urgently explain how they plan to speed up the delivery of their promises instead of just launching yet another policy.” Robert Colvile, director of centre-right think tank the… View Article

National Insurance threshold raised by £3k

The National Insurance threshold has been lifted by £3,000 to equalise it with income tax, the chancellor announced in the spring statement today (March 23). Earlier this month, the Centre for Policy Studies called on the government to raise the threshold to mitigate the impact from the planned tax hike on the poorest households. It said… View Article

Govt urged to raise NI threshold to soften tax blow

The Centre for Policy Studies has called on the government to raise the employee threshold for paying National Insurance to mitigate the impact from the planned tax hike on the poorest households. The think tank said raising the employee threshold to £11,284, instead of the planned £9,880, would shield those on average and lower incomes from… View Article

Chancellor considering plans to wipe out National Insurance rise for lowest paid workers

Rishi Sunak is considering plans to wipe out the National Insurance (NI) tax rise for lower paid workers. The Chancellor could ease the pressure of the 1.25 per cent NI hike by raising the thresholds at which people start to pay the tax. Depending on where he sets the threshold, it could allow him to declare… View Article

Shield exports from tax to boost Global Britain and small business

Shielding spending on ramping up exports from taxes will unlock a well of economic growth by boosting engagement with trade among Britain’s small businesses, a new report recommends today. Allowing firms to cut their tax bills by offsetting investment in exports would strengthen incentives for small firms to participate in trade, according to the Centre… View Article

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