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Increasing number of asylum seekers being granted work permits due to backlogs

Karl Williams, Deputy Research Director at the Centre for Policy Studies,  spoke to Sky News about asylum seekers who have been in the UK for over a year and their right to work – a policy that is making Britain more attractive to migrants. He said “There was perhaps a case for it when there… View Article

“Growth-throttling tax system” needs reform

The newly published briefing note on the UK’s poor tax competitiveness from the CPS Research Director and Head of Tax Tom Clougherty was covered in media. The report was picked up by the Telegraph, firstly in a piece focusing on errors in OBR growth forecasts, and secondly by The Spectator’s Kate Andrews in her regular… View Article

CPS fringe makes headlines at Conservative Party Conference

The programme of events held by the CPS and CapX at Conservative Party Conference made headlines across the board. The BBC highlighted our panel debating the future of the greenbelt Lord Frost’s comments on the Bank of England were picked up in the Daily Mail and City A.M. i newspaper speculated on a future leadership… View Article

Home Secretary quotes CPS, calls for UN refugee reform

The Home Secretary Suella Braverman will make a speech today raising the question of whether international agreements on refugees and asylum need modernising. The speech, given to the American Enterprise Institute in Washington, will reference ‘Stopping the Crossings’, a CPS report by Karl Williams and Nick Timothy published in late 2022, and the figures from… View Article

Nutrient neutrality reforms “a win-win”

CPS Head of Communications Emma Revell has written for the Daily Express on changes to nutrient neutrality, saying government is in part able to make the necessary reforms as a result of Brexit. “Some scaremongers have said the Government is “ripping up” environmental rules. But what it’s actually doing is ditching European rules and designing… View Article

CPS research fellow joins calls to scrap stamp duty on shares

CPS research fellow Nick King is quoted on the front page of City A.M. Tuesday 29th August calling for the abolition of stamp duty on shares. King, author of recent CPS paper ‘Retail Therapy’ which looked at how to boost share ownership in Britain, told the paper “Imposing stamp duty on the buying of shares… View Article

CPS quoted alongside Ofgem as price cap falls

As Ofgem announced the lowering of the Energy Price Cap (EPC) from October, the CPS’ Energy and Environment Researcher Dillon Smith welcomed the fall but warned the cap was still not fit for purpose. Dillon’s comments were quoted by The Telegraph, the i paper, the New Statesman, and The Guardian, among others, and his recent… View Article

Ovo boss backs ‘radical’ price cap reform

Ovo boss Raman Bhatia told City A.M. the energy price cap needs “radical” redesign before winter, echoing comments earlier in the week from Ofgem Chief Exec Jonathan Brearley. Both energy bosses echo the recommendations of recent CPS report ‘The Case Against the Energy Price Cap’ – available to read here – which argued the cap… View Article

Ofgem boss backs price cap review

In an interview with the Guardian newspaper, Ofgem Chief Executive Jonathan Brearley has signalled his support for reviewing the energy price cap. Last week, the Centre for Policy Studies published a briefing paper – ‘The Case Against the Energy Price Cap’ – which argued that the cap was harming the market and costing consumers more… View Article

The Times asks ‘How do you fix London’s struggling stock market?’

CPS report ‘Retail Therapy’ featured heavily in an article in The Times asking what can be done to boost London’s stock market. The piece highlighted figures from the report, written by former special advisor Nick King, which found “that the portion of listed companies owned by households [in the UK] had dropped from more than… View Article

Front page coverage for CPS report on the energy price cap

A new report from the Centre for Policy Studies arguing in favour of scrapping the Energy Price Cap has made headlines as research shows the cap could be keeping prices high for consumers and contributing to inflation. As well as featuring on Sky News, LBC, and TalkTV news bulletins, the report made the front page… View Article

Immigration “clearly” exacerbates housing crisis says CPS researcher

Karl Williams, CPS Deputy Research Director, is quoted in the Sunday Times in a piece attempting to measure the UK’s true housing need. Williams says that with record net migration coming alongside poor levels of housebuilding over recent decades, it can feel like “running up the down escalator as we try in vain to escape… View Article

Calls grow to ditch inheritance tax

The Centre for Policy Studies report ‘Family-Friendly Taxation’ is referenced twice by the Telegraph as it continues its campaign to scrap inheritance tax. In the news section, a new poll finds IHT is Britain’s least popular tax, while the paper’s leader column argues “This is the moment to scrap the cruel death tax”. Read the… View Article

Financial press welcome CPS report on retail investing

The CPS, supported by the Personal Investment Management & Financial Advice Association, launched a new report urging government and financial institutions to better enable retail investing in the UK in order to support business and peoples’ finances. The report was covered by Bloomberg, City A.M., Daily Mail, the i paper, the FTAdviser, MoneyWeek, and the… View Article

Conservatives mull net-zero targets

Following the impact of ULEZ on the Uxbridge by-election, several Conservative voices are weighing up the political value of sticking to net-zero pledges. Robert Colvile, CPS Director, joined Niall Paterson on the Sky News Daily Podcast to discuss whether net zero policies can still be vote winners while Dillon Smith, Energy and Environment Researcher, told… View Article

Mark Lehain for ConservativeHome on trans guidance delays

CPS Head of Education Mark Lehain writes for ConservativeHome following delays to the publication of trans guidance for schools. Mark argues that although the delays are “frustrating”, it is important to get the guidance right and publishing it alongside the Religious and Sex Education guidance, given the overlap, makes some sense. Read the full article… View Article

1 - 16 of 1184 Search results