50th Anniversary

2024 marks the 50th anniversary of the moment when Keith Joseph and Margaret Thatcher founded the Centre for Policy Studies – and transformed Britain.

The CPS, said Thatcher, was ‘where our Conservative revolution began’. And today, it is where it continues. The CPS still fights for a high-growth, low-tax, small-state Britain built on personal and economic freedom. In recent years, we have proposed and delivered policy after policy to make that happen. Increasing the personal income tax allowance. Transforming literacy via synthetic phonics. Pension freedom. Free ports. Full expensing. Street votes. Higher standards in universities. Tougher border control. Expanding Cambridge. Entrepreneurs’ visas. Stamp duty cuts.

Yet today, those values – and those achievements – are under threat. Britain faces a low-growth, high-tax, big-state future. Which makes the work of the CPS more important than ever, as it makes the argument for a brighter, more dynamic future for our country.

To mark our anniversary, we are hosting a series of events and publications, including 2023 Keith Joseph Memorial Lecture delivered by Professor Niall Ferguson and the 50th Anniversary Gala Dinner with guest of honour Rishi Sunak.

The theme of the anniversary programme will not just be celebrating the past, but asking how we can apply the same radical spirit to Britain’s future.

To find out more about our anniversary plans, or to discuss how you can support our work, please contact [email protected].

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