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MAC review ‘whitewashes’ flaws in immigration system

Responding to the Migration Advisory Committee rapid review of the Graduate route, the authors of CPS immigration report, ‘Taking Back Control’ said: Robert Jenrick MP: ‘We urgently need to unwind the sector’s growing dependency on foreign students. The graduate route should be scrapped and we must fundamentally rethink our International Education Strategy (IES), including the… View Article

Mass migration not delivering promised economic benefits, say Jenrick and O’Brien

New report calls for return to tens of thousands target, caps on main migrant routes and splitting up Home Office to increase focus on border control A new report from the Centre for Policy Studies, written by former Immigration Minister Robert Jenrick MP, former minister Neil O’Brien MP, and CPS Research Director Karl Williams argues… View Article

Burden on business increased in 2010s by at least £6bn a year

Since 2010, successive governments have promised to cut regulation – and even claimed to have succeeded But an in-depth study by the Centre for Policy Studies of the impact assessments attached to 3,528 pieces of legislation between 2010 and 2019 finds that £35 billion in annual regulatory costs were imposed on businesses in today’s money,… View Article

Bernanke review ‘damning indictment’ of how the Bank of England is run, says Lyons

Responding to Dr Ben Bernanke’s review into the Bank of England’s forecasting processes, CPS Research Fellow Dr Gerard Lyons said: ‘Andrew Bailey may have called the Bernanke review a ‘once in a generation’ review but given the fundamental problems it highlights it should not be seen as a one-off, but more usefully as a catalyst… View Article

CPS Director responds to new CPRE research on rural housing

Responding to new analysis of the rural housing crisis from CPRE, Robert Colvile, CPS Director, said: ‘It is welcome that the CPRE has finally noticed that there is a housing crisis in the British countryside. However, the CPRE has done as much as any organisation to create that crisis, by resolutely opposing any and all… View Article

Stamp duty on shares is ‘a tax on growth’, new CPS modelling shows

First full analysis since financial crisis shows scrapping stamp duty on shares would result in significant uplift to pensions, savings and investment, at little or no overall cost to the taxpayer Abolition of the tax would increase long-run GDP by 0.2% – 0.7%, increase business investment by FTSE firms by between £2.8bn and £6.8bn, and… View Article

Pressures from record migration ‘show no sign of abating’

Home Office migration data published today and covering the whole of 2023 shows that pressures from unprecedented levels of immigration are not abating.  Overall, the number of (non-visitor, non-temporary) visas issued rose only marginally (by 1%) in 2023 compared to 2022 – to a new record of 1.36 million visas. However, the underlying trend is… View Article

New population figures highlight cavernous housing deficit

Revised population projections released today by the Office for National Statistics show the population of the UK growing by 6.6 million people from 2021 to 2036. Net migration accounts for 6.1 million, or 92%, of this increase  Across this 15 year period, net migration is projected to average 405,000 per annum – falling from current… View Article

Dr Gerard Lyons joins CPS as Research Fellow

The Centre for Policy Studies is delighted to announce that respected economist Dr Gerard Lyons has joined the organisation as a Research Fellow. This follows the appointment late last year of Lord Frost and Alex Morton, alongside existing Research Fellows including former special adviser Nick King and transport expert Tony Lodge. Dr Lyons will be… View Article

Fund private school places for looked-after children, urges leading Tory

The education reform agenda has been built on choice. But those at the bottom of the economic pyramid often have the least control over their educational experience A new report by Andrew Lewer MP identifies three groups who would benefit most from changing this: ‘looked-after children’, those from poorer backgrounds, and children in ‘inadequate’ schools It makes… View Article

CPS responds to government migration announcement

Responding to the government’s proposed immigration reforms announced today, Karl Williams, CPS Research Director, said: ‘As analysis in our recent ‘Net Migration and Housing’ briefing shows, record levels of net migration are exacerbating England’s already severe housing and rental crisis. We therefore welcome the Government’s five-point plan to reduce net migration to more sustainable levels…. View Article

Niall Ferguson: Conservative politicians ‘repeating the mistakes of the past’

Recent Conservative governments have unwittingly repeated the mistakes that condemned Britain to an era of inflation and stagnation, warns leading historian Niall Ferguson. Prof Ferguson will reflect this evening on the lessons for Britain from the 1970s, as he delivers the 2023 Keith Joseph Memorial Lecture to the Centre for Policy Studies. The lecture, which… View Article

Migration fueling ‘cavernous’ housing deficit, says CPS

Revised net migration figures released last week by the Office for National Statistics show the UK had a record level of net migration in 2022 – 745,000 The new net migration figure is equivalent to 1.1% of the UK population Combined with net migration of 467,000 in 2021, migration has increased the UK population by… View Article

UK net migration figures ‘shocking but unsurprising’, says CPS

Responding to the latest migration data from the Official for National Statistics, Karl Williams, Deputy Research Director, said: ‘The scale of net migration in 2022 makes for shocking but unsurprising reading. Today’s revised total of 745k eclipses the provisional record high figure we were given earlier this year, as CPS analysis predicted.  ‘We can now… View Article

CPS welcomes permanent full expensing

The Centre for Policy Studies is delighted to welcome the Chancellor’s decision to make full expensing permanent.  The CPS has been leading the calls for full expensing for many years. It is a vital step in counteracting Britain’s chronically low rate of capital investment, which was 20% lower than the OECD average in the decade… View Article

Centre for Policy Studies launches 50th anniversary programme

Lord Frost to lead major policy project on mapping the UK’s problems and how to deal with them Alex Morton returns as a Research Fellow focusing on the relationship between Britain’s institutions, the state and the market Prof Niall Ferguson delivers Keith Joseph Memorial Lecture Programme of reports and events to run through 2024  … View Article

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