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CPS launches ‘Going for Growth’ programme

This week, the Centre for Policy Studies – the UK’s leading centre-right think tank – published a landmark report, written with the Rt Hon Sajid Javid MP, on how the economy can recover in the wake of the pandemic. ‘After the Virus’ is the first comprehensive study of how to repair the economic damage caused… View Article

We need to focus on jobs and growth, not austerity

Major new report by Sajid Javid MP and Centre for Policy Studies sets out a vision for economic recovery after the pandemic. ‘After the Virus’ is the first detailed post-crisis blueprint for how to renew growth across every part of the UK. Former Chancellor warns that the crisis is likely to exacerbate the regional disparities… View Article

Urgent help needed to save house building

Leading centre-right think tank proposes new scheme to protect housebuilding sector from collapse.  Its analysis of past recessions, and industry data, shows that the coronavirus crisis could lead to a fall in supply of at least 76,000 homes this year and likely next, with housebuilding not recovering until well into the 2020s  This would make… View Article

Britain ‘can lead the world in hydrogen power’

The UK Government is committed to reaching Net Zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. Transport is now the biggest contributor to emissions – and the main driver of dangerously high levels of air pollution in many towns and cities.   A new report from the Centre for Policy Studies, the leading centre-right think tank, argues… View Article

Borrowing could hit £300bn as costs of coronavirus rise

Since the start of the coronavirus crisis, it has been clear that it will have a huge economic and fiscal impact. It was right that the Government put public safety first by imposing the lockdown – and that it acted swiftly and decisively to support the economy. But both of these actions come at a… View Article

Carbon Border Tax would stop Britain Hiding its True Carbon Emissions

Carbon Border Tax would stop Britain Hiding its True Carbon Emissions  Importing electricity, carbon-intensive goods and raw materials from overseas allows Britain to hide carbon emissions During the recent “coal free” fortnight, no domestic coal was used to power the grid – but Britain imported an estimated 40.4 GWh of Dutch coal-fired generation To level… View Article

CPS responds to Government Budget Plans

Robert Colvile, Director of the Centre for Policy Studies, said: On coronavirus ‘This was an extremely impressive performance from the new Chancellor – and one that showed he is taking the threat of the coronavirus incredibly seriously. ‘The CPS called for the Chancellor to prioritise support for employees and small businesses in order to limit… View Article

A Budget of two halves

The Budget – Key Points A Budget of two halves It’s a cliché, but one that can’t be avoided. In the second half of his Budget, the new Chancellor – who cut an extremely impressive figure at the Despatch Box – set out a relatively normal fiscal statement, if one that was heavier on the… View Article

CPS sets out its Budget priorities for the Chancellor

The Centre for Policy Studies has published a pre-Budget briefing outlining the priority areas that Rishi Sunak, the new Chancellor, should address in order to boost growth and allow hard-working people to keep more of their earnings. The leading centre-right think tank recognises that the Chancellor faces a tough balancing act, with manifesto promises for… View Article

CPS welcomes Government’s plans for UK-US free trade agreement

CPS Welcomes Government’s Plans for UK-US Free Trade Agreement Responding to the Government’s plans for a UK-US Free Trade Agreement, the Centre for Policy Studies’ Head of Business, Nick King said: “We welcome the Government’s ambitious approach to developing workable Free Trade Agreements on mutually beneficial terms.  Free trade means greater competition, lower prices, and more… View Article

Tax cuts don’t have to be taxing

Read the press release A new report from the Centre for Policy Studies shows that cutting taxes can be much cheaper than the Treasury estimates, or even bring in extra revenue The report shows that freezing spirits duty has raised an additional £735m in tax revenues since 2014. It also shows that taking 90% of… View Article

CPS appoints Michael Spencer as Chairman

The Centre for Policy Studies is pleased to announce the appointment of Michael Spencer as Chairman of its Board of Directors with immediate effect. Lord Saatchi is retiring as Chairman, after a decade in the role. The Centre for Policy Studies is Britain’s leading centre-right think tank. Polling by ComRes showed that the CPS is… View Article

Resentful Renters

The Conservative Party manifesto promised to encourage a new market in long-term, fixed-rate mortgages to help first-time buyers get on the housing ladder A new report from the Centre for Policy Studies by Graham Edwards, one of Britain’s most successful business leaders, sets out why this is a welcome and necessary move ‘Resentful Renters’ shows… View Article

CPS setting the policy agenda

When the Conservative Party’s 2019 election manifesto was published, it was a proud moment for the Centre for Policy Studies. It confirmed that the CPS – seen by Conservative MPs as the country’s most influential think tank, according to ComRes polling – is playing a vital role in shaping the debate. Of the manifesto’s three… View Article

Public First and CPS to develop policies for the New Majority

The Conservative Party’s stunning victory on Thursday was built on the votes of a very different electorate. But who are this New Majority? And what do they now want from government? Two organisations that have already focused their work on this demographic are Public First and the Centre for Policy Studies. Today, they are announcing a ground-breaking partnership… View Article

CPS publishes ‘Stamping Down’

Government should press on with stamp duty cuts, argues CPS The Government is currently considering whether or not to reduce stamp duty in the coming months ahead of any election New report by a former No 10 adviser argues that stamp duty on homes is a tax on mobility and aspiration, and calls for drastic… View Article

33 - 48 of 115 Search results