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Government immigration announcement ‘welcome steps towards tacking back control’, says CPS

In response to the Home Secretary’s Illegal Migration Bill statement in the House of Commons, Karl Williams, CPS Senior Researcher and co-author of ‘Stopping the Crossings’, said: ‘While the Home Secretary did not go into detail, the measures reported to be included in the Illegal Migration Bill, many of which were outlined in our ‘Stopping… View Article

Record asylum backlog shows need to stop the crossings, says CPS

Figures published today by the Home Office show that, in the final quarter of 2022, the backlog of cases awaiting an initial asylum decision reached the highest level since current records began – and that while the number of caseworkers has doubled in the past year, more progress needs to be made. The speed with… View Article

UK can support semiconductors without subsidy arms race, says new report

A secure supply of high-end semiconductor chips underpins the modern world. Ahead of the Government’s long awaited semiconductor strategy, a new CPS report ‘Cashing in our Chips’ sets out how the UK can support the industry without entering into a subsidy arms race. While the UK develops its policy, the US, the EU and Taiwan… View Article

Sir Michael Heller

All of us at the Centre for Policy Studies would like to share our sorrow at the passing of Sir Michael Heller, who served on our Board for 25 years. Sir Michael, who died aged 86, is survived by his wife, Lady Morven, and their children, Andrew, John and Nicola. As well as his work… View Article

CPS responds to Chancellor’s speech on growth

Robert Colvile, Centre for Policy Studies Director, said: ‘The Chancellor’s speech struck all the right notes. It is clear he understands both the economic challenges we face, and the opportunities we could capitalise on with the right policy approach. ‘Mr Hunt is right that we need to focus on our strategic advantages, prioritising investment and… View Article

Former ministers endorse CPS paper demolishing housing market myths

In recent months, housing has become an increasingly contentious issue A major new CPS report, ‘The Case for Housebuilding’, takes on and demolishes many of the most common myths about Britain’s housing crisis It shows that we have a massive shortfall in homes, especially compared to our neighbours, and that this has played a key… View Article

CPS responds to Online Safety Bill votes

Following last night’s votes in the House of Commons, Matthew Feeney, Head of Technology and Innovation at the Centre for Policy Studies, said: ‘Now the House of Commons is on the brink of passing the Online Safety Bill to the House of Lords, it is there we need to focus our hopes and efforts to… View Article

CPS Response: NEU Strike Ballot

In response to the NEU voting for strike action, Mark Lehain, CPS Head of Education, said: “The NEU result is disappointing – strikes would be the wrong action, for the wrong reason, at the wrong time. After everything pupils have been through in recent years, further disruption to their education is the last thing they… View Article

CPS Response to NASUWT Strike Ballot

Mark Lehain, Head of Education at the Center for Policy Studies said: ‘This news will bring huge relief to pupils and their families. A strike would have achieved little but cause huge disruption for children and the country as a whole. ‘The result shows how divisive the issue is among teachers too, with fewer than… View Article

Politicians have a ‘moral duty’ to support growth, says CPS Director

The economic turmoil of recent years has seen a renewed focus on Britain’s failure to grow. A new essay by CPS Director Robert Colvile sets out how this is a much longer-term problem than we think – that the growth ceiling of the British economy has been getting lower and lower for decades, driven in… View Article

Renting is up and home ownership down since 2011, according to latest Census data

Responding to a Big Issue article highlighting census data showing the fall of home ownership in the UK ,Samuel Hughes, Head of Housing at the Centre for Policy Studies said it was “dismaying but unsurprising.” “Britain has an intense housing shortage because we don’t permit enough new homes to be built. This shortage makes it… View Article

CPS welcomes the Prime Minister’s statement on stopping the Channel crossings

Karl Williams, Researcher at the Centre for Policy Studies and co-author of “Stopping the Crossings” said: “The announcement from the Prime Minister today shows how seriously the government is taking the issue of tackling illegal migration. “The key principles we set out in “Stopping the Crossings” – that if you arrive illegally via a safe… View Article

CPS welcomes Chancellor’s financial services reforms

Gerard B Lyons, Business Researcher at the Centre for Policy Studies, said: “The ‘Edinburgh Reforms’ to financial services unveiled by the Chancellor today are a welcome collection of proposals that strike the right balance between seizing the benefits of Brexit and avoiding unnecessary change for its own sake. “Some have accused these reforms of representing… View Article

CPS Response: Schools Bill Scrapped

Mark Lehain, Head of Education at the Center for Policy Studies said: “Given the political turmoil of recent months, it is not too surprising the Schools Bill has been scrapped in its current form. However, that is no excuse for the most urgent and important elements of the Bill not to be addressed so it… View Article

Autumn Statement Response: Hunt wields the scalpel, not the axe

The Autumn Statement was a sensible and measured response to the fiscal challenges facing the country, the Centre for Policy Studies (CPS) said today. While it is never a good idea for taxes to go up, the Chancellor rightly steered clear of many of the most dangerous ideas aired in the run-up to this statement…. View Article

CPS welcomes Government’s plan for growth

The Centre for Policy Studies (CPS) has welcomed the Government’s new growth plan, announced to Parliament this morning. While acknowledging the daunting scale of the economic headwinds, the CPS applauds the new Chancellor’s conviction that sustainably boosting economic growth should be the primary focus of government policy, and that a mixture of tax reform and… View Article

33 - 48 of 175 Search results