CPS Head of Education responds to 'Beyond Ofsted' inquiry

In response to launch of ‘Beyond Ofsted – An Inquiry into the Future of School Inspection’, Mark Lehain, CPS Head of Education, said:

‘What and how Ofsted inspects is a very important topic for discussion. Being sponsored by a union that has long questioned Ofsted’s legitimacy, it will be really interesting to see what the inquiry comes up with and how different its proposals are to the ones long-advocated by the NEU and the panel members.

‘Ofsted has been a force for both bad and good over the years. I’d argue that it’s been a positive influence in recent times, and hope that this is recognised by the review as they consider things. I also hope they’ll consider how the inspectorate works within the wider accountability framework, to ensure proposals work in harmony with, and not against, children’s interests.’


  • Mark Lehain is the CPS Head of Education. Prior to this he was a Special Adviser at the Department for Education. A third-generation teacher, Mark taught maths in secondary schools before leading the successful campaign for a new school in Bedford. He was Principal of Bedford Free School between 2012 and 2017, and since then has run Parents & Teachers for Excellence, the New Schools Network, and the Campaign for Common Sense.
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Date Added: Tuesday 25th April 2023