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Budget Briefing: The Age of the Trillion-Pound State

In a comprehensive briefing note, the Centre for Policy Studies’ research team set out the most important takeaways from the Budget – including the fact that Boris Johnson is set, by 2025-6, to usher in the age of the trillion-pound British state.

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The Value of University

Conor Walsh -

The report, ‘The Value of University’, looks at the economic returns of a range of university courses, and finds huge discrepancies in the amount of taxpayer money being spent on those courses which do not improve the lifetime earnings of the students.

Budget Briefing: The Age of the Trillion-Pound State

CPS - Economy

In a comprehensive briefing note, the Centre for Policy Studies’ research team set out the most important takeaways from the Budget – including the fact that Boris Johnson is set, by 2025-6, to usher in the age of the trillion-pound British state.

The UK’s International Tax Competitiveness

Tom Clougherty - Tax

In an interview ahead of this week’s Global Investment Summit, Boris Johnson claimed that the UK is ‘a colossally attractive place for people to come and invest‘, and promised that it ‘will be even more attractive as a place to invest and do business‘ in future. But new analysis from the Centre for Policy Studies and the US-based… View Article

Regulating the Regulators

Lord Tyrie -

Quangos are increasingly powerful. But the accountability of many is increasingly patchy. The scale of the quango-related work now expected of parliamentary committees, along with other distractions, has left far too many important decisions under-scrutinised and remote from those most affected: the electorate and the consumer. The result is a decline in public trust, and… View Article

Getting Results

Julie Marson MP - Public Services

In the aftermath of Covid, the government must control public spending and draw on private sector investment and innovation A new report by Julie Marson MP shows how Social Impact Bonds, and other outcomes-based approaches, could deliver better services for less money Social Impact Bonds were invented in the UK but have struggled to take off in… View Article

The Case for Freezing Excise Duties

Tom Clougherty - Tax

New CPS briefing note urges the Chancellor to avoid raising fuel and alcohol duties or risk aggravating the cost of living crisis Raising excise duties in line with RPI would add 2.4% to the typical price of a tank of petrol, 2.2% to a bottle of wine, 3% to a case of beer, 3.1% to a bottle… View Article

Pricing Pollution Properly

Eamonn Ives - Energy

Britain has made impressive progress on decarbonisation – but the most painful part of the process lies ahead The consensus behind Net Zero could fracture if decarbonisation is perceived as unfair, or if it raises costs for consumers excessively Evidence shows that market mechanisms such as carbon pricing have been successful at delivering decarbonisation cost… View Article

Strength in Union


Following the 7th anniversary of the referendum on Scottish Independence, Andrew Bowie MP and the CPS, the country’s leading centre-right think tank, have brought together an all-star cast of Conservatives to highlight what the Union means to them and why they believe its continuation is of benefit to all its people.

Fair Welfare

James Heywood - Public Services

The welfare state in Britain has become uniquely unpopular. A major three-year research programme, including polling and focus groups by the Centre for Policy Studies and Public First.

Homes for Heroes

Alex Morton - Housing

New CPS report is calling for changes to help key workers get their foot on the property ladder, and repay them for their efforts during the pandemic.

Is Manchester Greater? A New Analysis of NHS Integration

Karl Williams - Health

The CPS argues that Government should prioritise bottom-up integration and collaboration, as well as gathering more evidence from existing pilot schemes, rather than pursuing another top-down reorganisation of the NHS on an insufficient evidence base – especially given the strain the health service is already under due to the pandemic.

Reshaping Spaces: Building Back Better

Jethro Elsden -

Even before Covid, 25-40% of retail space was no longer viable or needed. Yet councils are doing little to ensure these vacant properties are being converted or redesignated.

Britain Speaks: The New Language of Politics and Business

Dr Frank Luntz - Politics

Dr Frank Luntz, the world’s leading expert on political language and communication, has spent the summer working with the Centre for Policy Studies on a landmark survey of the British public’s language and values.  Dr Luntz, a Visiting Academic Fellow at the think tank, has conducted one of the most extensive polling exercises yet seen, uncovering the public’s sentiments on language… View Article

The Competition and Markets Authority: a reboot for the 2020s

Lord Tyrie -

Two thirds of businesses do not know that the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) enforces competition law in the UK and two fifths have never heard of it, prejudicing the deterrence on which the effectiveness of competition and consumer protection policy depends, according to former Chairman, Andrew Tyrie. The Board needs to retake control of the… View Article

Clean Free Trade: Championing free trade, economic growth and the environment

Eamonn Ives -

The UK has positioned itself post-Brexit as a champion of both free trade and environmental protection. A major new Centre for Policy Studies paper argues that these goals can and should be mutually reinforcing – that the UK should use its post-Brexit trading freedoms to push for green growth The report recommends: Abolishing all tariffs… View Article

Lost Learning: How children can catch up after Covid

Rachel Wolf -

New polling by Public First for the Centre for Policy Studies think tank shows that over two thirds (67%) of parents think children in England have been negatively affected by lockdown. A follow-up poll found that 57% of parents would support extending the school day by 30 minutes to give more time to catch up on… View Article

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