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Taking Back Control

A new report from Robert Jenrick MP, Neil O’Brien MP, and CPS Research Director Karl Williams argues that the scale and composition of recent migration have failed to deliver the significant economic and fiscal benefits its advocates promised, while putting enormous pressure on housing, public services and infrastructure.

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Conservative Revolution

Karl Williams - Politics

Purchase your copy here The Centre for Policy Studies, one of the oldest and most influential think tanks in Westminster, is publishing a new book to mark its 50th anniversary, charting the development of Thatcherism and exploring what might be needed to revive Conservatism in the same way today. Conservative Revolution, edited by Karl Williams… View Article

Regulating for Growth

Matthew Feeney -

The UK’s current regulatory apparatus, which is slow to adapt to emerging technologies, is holding back the UK’s tech superpower ambitions.  Many innovators are looking elsewhere to set up new tech firms, due to Britain’s unsupportive regulatory environment. Previous CPS research established that the net annual burden of regulation on business increased by £6bn in… View Article

Taking Back Control

Rt Hon Robert Jenrick MP - Immigration

A new report from the Centre for Policy Studies, written by former Immigration Minister Robert Jenrick MP, former minister Neil O’Brien MP, and CPS Research Director Karl Williams argues that the scale and composition of recent migration have failed to deliver the significant economic and fiscal benefits its advocates promised, while putting enormous pressure on… View Article

The Future of Regulation

Robert Colvile - Economy

A major report from the Centre for Policy Studies, ‘The Future of Regulation’, has shown that the cost of regulation increased significantly during the 2010s – despite repeated promises from Government to shrink the regulatory burden. The report by Tom Clougherty & Robert Colvile is the first to go line by line through the official impact assessments produced… View Article

Shaping the Debate: The Centre for Policy Studies in 50 Papers

Karl Williams - Constitution & Democracy

To mark the 25th anniversary of the CPS in 1999, Matthew d’Ancona – then on the CPS board – compiled a catalogue of CPS reports, published as ‘The First Modernisers: The Centre for Policy Studies, Past & Future’. It contained a list of 298 CPS publications published up until that point, organised thematically and each… View Article

Sharing the Wealth

Gerard B. Lyons - Finance & Investment

In recent months, there has been an intense focus on the competitiveness of the City of London. The Government has unveiled a suite of reforms intended to bolster financial services, and unleash more capital and investment. Labour, too, have promised to ‘unashamedly champion the financial services sector as one of the UK’s greatest assets’. Yet… View Article

Choices for Children

Andrew Lewer MP - Education

The education reform agenda has been built on choice. But those at the bottom of the economic pyramid often have the least control over their educational experience A new report by Andrew Lewer MP identifies three groups who would benefit most from changing this: ‘looked-after children’, those from poorer backgrounds, and children in ‘inadequate’ schools It makes… View Article

Net Migration and Housing – A CPS Briefing

Karl Williams -

Revised net migration figures released last week by the Office for National Statistics show the UK had a record level of net migration in 2022 – 745,000 The new net migration figure is equivalent to 1.1% of the UK population Combined with net migration of 467,000 in 2021, migration has increased the UK population by… View Article

Permanent Full Expensing

Tom Clougherty - Tax

The Chancellor should make full expensing permanent at the forthcoming Autumn Statement. Doing so would raise long-run investment, and increase real wages and economic growth Permanent full expensing is a vital step in counteracting Britain’s chronically low rate of capital investment, which was 20% lower than the OECD average in the decade before the pandemic… View Article

Justice for the Young

CPS - Economy

The gap between young and old has become the defining political and economic issue of our time, argues a new essay collection from the Centre for Policy Studies ‘Justice for the Young’ sets out the staggering extent of the challenge facing the country in paying for an ageing population while delivering a better life for… View Article

The UK’s International Tax Competitiveness: 2023 Update

Tom Clougherty - Tax

The UK ranks 30th out of 38 OECD countries in the 2023 edition of the International Tax Competitiveness Index, published annually by the US-based Tax Foundation. This is down three places from 2022. The UK ranks second for its cross-border tax rules, but comes 26th for individual taxes, 28th for corporate tax, and 35th for… View Article

Regulating Artificial Intelligence: The Risks and Opportunities

Matthew Feeney -

The Prime Minister’s AI Safety Summit at Bletchley Park in early November is an opportunity for the UK to take the lead on AI regulation and signal its openness to industries and sectors developing the next generation of AI While sci-fi narratives about the destructive potential of AI are popular, they are overblown Ahead of… View Article

The Power of Ownership

John Redwood MP - Economy

Ownership is at the heart of conservatism but the country is at risk of forgetting lessons learned after the Second World War ‘The Power of Ownership’ by Sir John Redwood MP warns that the UK is at risk of slipping back into nationalised industry, government-directed companies, and reliance on Whitehall to generate solutions Instead, politicians… View Article

The Case Against the Energy Price Cap

Dillon Smith - Energy

Although introduced with the best intentions, the Energy Price Cap (EPC) has gone far beyond its intended purpose and is actively harming competition The EPC was originally brought in as a time-limited intervention to protect a specific group of customers from price-gouging The recent energy crisis has meant it now functions not as a price… View Article

Family-Friendly Taxation

Tom Clougherty - Tax

A new report from the Centre for Policy Studies and Conservative Growth Group warns that the British tax system is increasingly unfair towards families Couples with the same overall income can end up paying dramatically different amounts of tax depending on how earnings are divided between them. A couple earning £60,000 with two children will… View Article

A Pane in the Neck: How to improve building regulations

Samuel Hughes - Housing

Building is a troublesome business, and for as long as we have had urban life, we have had restrictions on what and how people can build. The oldest extant British regulation dates from 1189, but building restrictions undoubtedly existed a millennium earlier under the Roman Empire. Unlike the planning system, which dates only to the… View Article

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1 - 16 of 843 Research articles