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Justice for the Young

‘Justice for the Young’ sets out the staggering extent of the challenge facing the country in paying for an ageing population while delivering a better life for today’s young people.

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Investing for Prosperity

Gareth Davies MP - Economy

Reforms made to British International Investment (BII), the UK’s development finance institution, have made it  one of the great success stories of British policy-making in the last decade. BII has created a million jobs and generated tens of billions of pounds in economic activity in some of the poorest countries of the world in the… View Article

Where are the Workers?

Karl Williams - Economy

Economic inactivity has become a huge issue in politics – and is expected to be a key area of focus in this week’s Budget. But many of the most common claims about inactivity turn out to be mistaken, or capture only part of a more complex picture. ‘Where are the Workers? A new diagnosis of… View Article

Does Britain mean Business?

Tom Clougherty - Economy

 Britain is about to become a significantly worse place to do business, as corporation tax rises and the super-deduction expires. Modelling by the CPS and US-based Tax Foundation suggests that the corporation tax rise will reduce long-run GDP by 1.2%. The combination of the two will be even worse, seeing us fall from 10th to… View Article

Cashing in our Chips

Gerard B. Lyons - Economy

A secure supply of high-end semiconductor chips underpins the modern world.  Ahead of the Government’s long awaited semiconductor strategy, a new CPS report ‘Cashing in our chips’ sets out how the UK can support the industry without entering into a subsidy arms race. While the UK develops its policy, the US, the EU and Taiwan… View Article

‘An NHS Royal Commission’ republished

Maurice Saatchi - Health

More than 70 years after it was established, the NHS is facing arguably the worst crisis in its history. The impact of the coronavirus, lockdowns and inflation has seen waiting lists soar and staff take to the streets. The Government has poured in billions to fix the problems. But even without the current crisis, an… View Article

The Case for Housebuilding

Alex Morton - Economy

The report was updated on 24th January, following publication, to correct discrepancies in some of the data. In recent months, housing has become an increasingly contentious issue A major new CPS report, ‘The Case for Housebuilding’, takes on and demolishes many of the most common myths about Britain’s housing crisis It shows that we have… View Article

The Morality of Growth

Robert Colvile - Economy

The economic turmoil of recent years has seen a renewed focus on Britain’s failure to grow. A new essay by CPS Director Robert Colvile sets out how this is a much longer-term problem than we think – that the growth ceiling of the British economy has been getting lower and lower for decades, driven in… View Article

Stopping the Crossings

Karl Williams -

Suella Braverman, the Home Secretary, has welcomed a report jointly written by Nick Timothy, a former Home Office adviser and Downing Street chief of staff, which calls for a raft of tough new policies to stop the illegal Channel crossings. The report, published by the Centre for Policy Studies, proposes: Indefinite detention of all asylum… View Article

The Online Safety Bill – What’s Changed?

Matthew Feeney - Media & Technology

The Centre for Policy Studies has today released a new briefing note, ‘The Online Safety Bill – What’s Changed?’, in response to the announcement earlier this week by the Department for Digital Culture, Media and Sport of amendments to the Online Safety Bill. The bulletin analyses some of the most noteworthy changes and takes into… View Article

Giving Back Control

Samuel Hughes - Housing

Housing has recently become one of the most controversial issues in British politics. The Government has recommitted to its target of building 300,000 homes per year. But it has also promised to do more to give local communities control over the planning process. A new report by the Centre for Policy Studies examines the leading… View Article

The UK’s International Tax Competitiveness 2022 Update

Tom Clougherty -

The US-based Tax Foundation think tank this week published its annual International Tax Competitiveness Index, which showed the UK coming in 26th out of 38 OECD countries However, with corporation tax rising to 25% in April and Rishi Sunak’s super-deduction set to expire without replacement, calculations by the Tax Foundation for the Centre for Policy… View Article

A Censor’s Charter? The case against the Online Safety Bill

Matthew Feeney - Media & Technology

As the Government weighs up its options on the Online Safety Bill, a new report from the Centre for Policy Studies urges ministers to fundamentally rethink the proposals While having noble intentions, the OSB is a major threat to freedom of speech, as it will incentivise firms to remove much legitimate and legal content for… View Article

After the Super-Deduction

Tom Clougherty - Tax

On Friday, Kwasi Kwarteng is widely expected to cancel Rishi Sunak’s proposed rise in corporation tax from 19% to 25% New modelling by the US-based Tax Foundation and the Centre for Policy Studies shows that in the long term this will increase GDP by 1.2%, investment by 2% and wages by 1.1% compared to the… View Article

Economic Bulletin: The Bleak Midwinter

Karl Williams - Energy

As the new Government prepares to unveil its package of energy reforms, analysis from the Centre for Policy Studies shows the extraordinary potential cost of some of the measures under consideration. A new briefing note from the think tank, ‘The Bleak Midwinter’, sets out the awful economic impacts of the energy price crisis and the… View Article

The New Majority

James Frayne - Politics

Working-class voters are abandoning the Conservatives as the cost of living crisis bites – and shoring up their support needs to be the party’s overwhelming priority That is the main message in ‘The New Majority’, a new report by the Centre for Policy Studies and policy research agency Public First, which examines the changes to… View Article

No Way to Help the High Street

Tom Clougherty - Economy

The Government has floated the idea of an online sales tax to support high streets at the expense of online retailers, potentially set at 1% or 2% of online sales. A new paper from the Centre for Policy Studies, supported by the Coalition for a Digital Economy (Coadec), today shows that this would do more… View Article

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17 - 32 of 836 Research articles