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Budget Briefing: The Age of the Trillion-Pound State

In a comprehensive briefing note, the Centre for Policy Studies’ research team set out the most important takeaways from the Budget – including the fact that Boris Johnson is set, by 2025-6, to usher in the age of the trillion-pound British state.

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The Housing Guarantee

Alex Morton -

A new report by the Centre for Policy Studies calls for changes to the planning system to open up the market and allow better access for small and medium sized companies and to diversify the housing supply.

Budget 2021: A Recipe for Recovery?

Tom Clougherty - Economy

CPS urges Chancellor to help private sector drive recovery

History Repeating? The lessons of the postwar recovery

Jethro Elsden - Economy

History Repeating? The lessons of the postwar recovery

Don’t Hike Stamp Duty

Jethro Elsden -

A report by the Centre for Policy Studies looks at the effects of the measure introduced by the Chancellor in response to the pandemic, and finds that after an initial sharp decline in sales between April-June 2020, the number of transactions increased from 132,090 in Q2 to 225,870 in Q3 and 316,300 by the end of Q4 – the highest level since before the global financial crisis in 2007/8.

A Northern Big Bang: Unleashing Investment in the North

Nick King -

A new CPS report sets out a series of recommendations on how to stimulate private sector investment and create a globally recognised, economic powerhouse in the North of England. The aim would be to replicate the impact of the 1980s Big Bang, which unlocked billions of pounds of investment in London and the South East, but with a set of measures which reflect the North’s existing strengths and future potential.

The Universal Credit Uplift: The Way Forward

James Heywood -

Reforms to the Universal Credit system could make it more generous post-Covid than it was going into the pandemic – and significantly better at rewarding work.

Bridging the Gap: The case for new nuclear investment

Eamonn Ives -

Without investment in new nuclear capacity, Britain’s security of energy supply is at risk, which could mean increasing its dependency on fossil-fuelled power generation. This could lead to the Government having to choose between meeting Net Zero and keeping the lights on. A new report by the Centre for Policy Studies being launched today argues… View Article

Public Sector Pay: The Case for Restraint

Robert Colvile - Economy

Public sector pay freeze could save up to £23 billion by 2023

The Case Against Raising the Minimum Wage

Jethro Elsden - Economy

The generosity of the impulse behind raising and expanding the National Living Wage can only be applauded. But going ahead with the current plans will harm the very people it is designed to help.

A Framework for the Future: Reforming the UK Tax System

Tom Clougherty -

If the UK is to recover from the pandemic as quickly as possible, it needs economic growth. However, according to new CPS report, the current tax system is not equipped to deliver it.

Saving £30 Billion: 9 Simple Steps

Alex Morton -

Our new report outlines nine areas where the Government could make easy savings, or realise extra value, without increasing the burden on ordinary families and small businesses.

Wrong Taxes, Wrong Time

Tom Clougherty -

UK comes 22nd out of 36 OECD countries in 2020 International Tax Competitiveness Index, published by the US-based Tax Foundation. New analysis shows tax rises reportedly being considered by Treasury would make international position far worse.

Upwardly Mobile: How the UK can gain the full benefits of the 5G revolution

Nick King -

In the CPS report ‘Upwardly Mobile: How the UK can gain the full benefits of the 5G revolution’, former Government advisers Alex Jackman and Nick King argue that Government’s ‘levelling up’ agenda and the UK’s recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic is at risk without a faster 5G rollout – to the tune of £41 billion.

From SMI to Mortgage Support

James Heywood -

New paper from the Centre for Policy Studies warns that, as millions face losing their jobs when furlough ends next month, many will risk losing their homes as well when the mortgage holiday arrangements end at the same time.

Safety without Censorship: A better way to tackle online harms

Caroline Elsom -

New CPS report , ‘Safety without Censorship’, raises significant concerns about the existing proposals for regulating online speech, which the think tank argues will stifle freedom of expression and penalise small businesses and start-ups who will be unable to afford the costs of compliance.

Fixing Social Care: The Fundamental Choices

Jethro Elsden - Social Policy

As the Government prepares to unveil its long-awaited plan for social care, a new report by the Centre for Policy Studies, the leading centre-right think tank, weighs up the three leading options for social care reform, ranking them by cost, political feasibility and impact on supply.

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17 - 32 of 791 Research articles