CPS researcher responds to FCA proposed reforms to listing regime

Centre for Policy Studies Business Researcher, Gerard B Lyons, responds to FCA proposed reforms to listing regime:

‘The FCA should be praised for its proposed reforms to the listing regime, which will undoubtedly improve London’s international competitiveness. Amid intense global competition, the UK cannot afford to take its foot off the pedal but must ensure its financial regulatory environment is both proportionate and attractive, while maintaining high-standards and the high-quality reputation of the UK market. These things needn’t be at odds with each other, as is often presented.

‘However, while the specific measures are very welcome, they will not be the silver-bullet that reinvigorates the London Stock Exchange. It is important to look at the financial ecosystem in the round, addressing the UK’s growth and patient capital gaps, as well as wider cultural issues in the UK such as our attitudes to executive pay and risk.’



  • Gerard B. Lyons, not to be confused with economist Dr Gerard Lyons, is a Business Researcher at the Centre for Policy Studies
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Date Added: Wednesday 3rd May 2023