CPS responds to Labour's mortgage plans

Responding to Labour’s plans to ease the mortgage crisis, CPS Research Director Tom Clougherty said:

‘Labour’s plan mostly “requires” lenders to do a variety of things they will already be doing voluntarily, because they understand the pressures their customers are facing and don’t want people to lose their homes unavoidably.

‘But direct intervention of this sort can still have big unintended consequences. To the extent that it forces banks to offer greater cross-subsidies to particular customers, it is bound to raise costs for other borrowers – or prevent necessary adjustments in the mortgage market from taking place.

‘It is much better to leave banks to work things out with borrowers. A legislated, one-size-fits-all approach is bound to cause as many problems as it solves.’



  • Tom Clougherty is the CPS Research Director and Head of Tax.
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Date Added: Thursday 22nd June 2023