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CPS policy recommended in Times leader column

The editorial column in today’s Times newspaper highlights a 2021 CPS report as a potential solution to the crisis in Britain’s universities. Highlighting problems with the funding system which give universities an incentive to prefer foreign students over British ones, the paper backs a recommendation from Conor Walsh’s report ‘The Value of University’. Universities would… View Article

Scrap the OSB, says CPS Head of Tech

As the government announces yet more amendments for the Online Safety Bill, Matthew Feeney argues the “blunt power of legislation” could lead us down a dangerous path. Writing for The Critic, the CPS Head of Tech and Innovation, cautions that without serious change or even scrapping the bill, the UK will soon have “the most… View Article

Tinder for Trusts?

The first report from CPS Head of Education Mark Lehain was covered exclusively by Schools Week. In ‘Passing the Test’, Mark argues government needs to push ahead with plans to make all schools part of a strong academy trust and that the process should be improved to allow schools to more easily see what different… View Article

CPS wins govt review on ‘barmy’ window rules

Sometimes, making an argument takes thousands of words. And sometimes, it just takes a picture. CPS Head of Housing, Samuel Hughes, has been working with our friends at Create Streets to highlight the flaws in new building regulations. When he tweeted the perfect example of new stunted windows required to comply with new health and… View Article

UK undermining tech ambitions, warns CPS

The Digital Markets, Competition, and Consumer Bill risks undermining the UK’s tech competitiveness according to a new report from the CPS. City A.M. reports on the arguments made by Matthew Sinclair in ‘The Unregulated Regulator’, published by the Centre for Policy Studies. Measures currently in the Bill are based on out of date information and… View Article

Telegraph reports on Barclay speech to CPS

The Telegraph reports on the Health Secretary’s speech in the Centre for Policy Studies in which he set out plans on how to give patients more choice over their own care. Speaking to the CPS, Steve Barclay said it was right to focus on preventing health conditions from developing where possible but that people should… View Article

Families. How tax reform can help us defuse the demographic timebomb

Tom Clougherty, CPS Research Director, has contributed to ConservativeHome’s ongoing series of articles on reducing demand for government. In it Tom urges politicians to get over their “knee-jerk fear” of appearing paternalistic when talking about families and highlights the importance of strong families to economic growth, birth rate, and educational outcomes. The article goes on… View Article

‘The Future of Driving’ coverage continues

News outlets are continuing to cover recent CPS report ‘The Future of Driving’ as new figures emerge about unrepaired potholes across the UK. The report, which argues for per-mile road pricing for electric vehicles in part due to the wear and tear these heavier vehicles put on the nation’s roads, has been covered by the… View Article

Media coverage for ‘The Language of Freedom’

The latest CPS report from US pollster and communications guru Frank Luntz has been covered by a range of outlets. ‘The Language of Freedom’ surveys Brits to find out their attitudes to freedom and other key values, showing a deep divide between the two main parties voters not just in the values they prioritise but… View Article

Mortgage intervention would be “completely wrong” says CPS Research Director

As interest rates rise and mortgage repayments spiral, the Labour Party and others are calling on government to intervene and support homeowners but the CPS Research Director Tom Clougherty disagrees. “I think it would be completely wrong for the government to intervene in the mortgage market,” Tom told the Telegraph. “If they really intervened, it… View Article

Margaret Thatcher Conference dominates media coverage

Speakers and panels at the Margaret Thatcher Conference have dominated the papers and airwaves, including a front page Telegraph story ahead of Chancellor Jeremy Hunt’s speech to the conference dinner. Education Secretary Gillian Keegan’s opening keynote speech to the conference was covered by the Sunday Telegraph, the Telegraph, the Daily Mail Penny Mordaunt, Leader of… View Article

Traffic-light labels on contracts ‘could save taxpayer billions’

As reported in The Times, The Centre for Policy Studies has given its support to John Penrose MP’s proposal to put Ofsted-style ratings on government contracts, indicating value for money. Read in full here

Why we such bring back housing targets

CPS Director Robert Colvile writes in defence of housing targets for the Sunday Times. “There’s a famous Winston Churchill quote about democracy being the worst possible political system, except for all the others. The same could be said of housing targets” he writes. Read the article here.

Reducing the demand for government: Schools

As part of a series for the ConservativeHome website on reducing the need for government, CPS Head of Education Mark Lehain has written on what schools and school reform can do to help. Highlighting a series of statistics on outcomes for those with and without higher or further education, Mark writes “whether the aim is… View Article

Electric cars would ‘remain significantly cheaper’ than petrol under new car tax plans

Electric cars would ‘remain significantly cheaper’ than petrol under new car tax plans, says the Daily Express. Reporting on the latest CPS publication, ‘The Future of Driving’, the paper spoke to Colin Walker, transport analyst at the Energy and Climate Intelligence Unit, analysed the report and commented on what it would mean for drivers. He… View Article

CPS migration figures dominate coverage

Analysis by the Centre for Policy Studies sought to predict the ONS net migration figures for 2022, based on a range of potential scenarios. Looking at previous record highs, the average since the Brexit, and averages for the decade prior to the pandemic, our researchers came up with a range of net migration forecasts between… View Article

17 - 32 of 1184 Search results