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It’s time to liberate our streets by handing back control to local communities

Writing in Building Design CPS Head of Housing, Samuel Hughes, asks why we subsidise on-street parking when there are so many other good uses for our streets. He suggests empowering communities to decide how parking spaces are utilised, allowing for more activities such as outdoor dining for restaurants to the benefit of local residents and… View Article

Britain must take back control and kick its addiction to immigration

CPS author Nick Timothy has written his regular Telegraph column on the need to tackle immigration. Nick, who co-authored our 2022 paper ‘Stopping the Crossings’, highlights CPS analysis which suggests net migration in 2022 could be between 700,000 and 997,000 and argues that “maintaining a reliance [on immigration] comes at a significant cost” in terms… View Article

Bring back train ticket checks to curb costly fare-dodgers

Tony Lodge, Research Fellow at the Centre for Policy Studies, writes in The Times today on the growing issue of fare dodging on Britain’s railways. Tony, author of several reports on the future of rail, including ticketing reforms, notes that “lost revenue through fare evasion ultimately means higher fares and less investment, as losses and… View Article

Semiconductor strategy funding ‘disappointing’, says UK tech industry

Tech leaders have declared the UK’s long-awaited semiconductor strategy “disappointing” but a CPS researcher said the government is “right to acknowledge that the UK simply cannot afford to compete in the global subsidy war”. Gerard B. Lyons, business researcher and co-author of “Cashing in our Chips – How to strengthen the UK’s semiconductor sector” said the… View Article

Tories can’t hide from the reality of migration figures

The Sunday Times cites CPS analysis that net annual migration to the UK has passed 700,000 — more than double the pre-Brexit record. ‘The aim of building 300,000 homes a year, which the UK is already failing to meet, was based on an assumption that net immigration would run at 170,000 a year. According to… View Article

Net migration may top one million this year, Home Office fears

Analysis by the Centre for Policy Studies (CPS) forecasts that net migration could hit between 700,000 and 997,000 for the year ending December 2022. Karl Williams, CPS senior researcher, said: “If emigration has reverted to pre-pandemic and pre-Brexit patterns, we could see net migration hit the one million mark. This would be at the very… View Article

CPS director gives housing analysis as cabinet backlash over fall in new homes in England

“There is no issue as toxic for the Tories as housebuilding. Because nothing else pits their present so squarely against their future” writes Robert Colvile, CPS Director. As some Conservative voices blame local election loses on too much housebuilding and others too little, the CPS Director analyses the rate of housebuilding versus need and argues… View Article

Britain’s legal migration numbers matter more than small boats

CPS researchers have estimated that the net migration in 2022 will be at least 700,000, more than double the pre-Brexit record. The numbers were revealed in CPS Director Robert Colvile’s Sunday Times column where he highlights the impact on areas such as housing policy of increasing immigration. Read the full article here.

Britain’s renters are the real victims of this inflation and interest rate crunch

City A.M.’s economics editor Jack Barnett’s weekly column focuses on problems in the UK housing and rental sector, referencing work by the Centre for Policy Studies. The column quotes from ‘The Case for Housebuilding’ by Alex Morton and Elizabeth Dunkley which found real house price increases in the UK have been more than double those… View Article

Should higher-rate pension tax relief be abolished?

Michael Johnson, CPS research fellow and pensions expert, contributed to this weekend’s ‘Big Question’ in The Times newspaper. Michael took the ‘Yes’ side of a debate which asked if higher-rate pension tax relief should be abolished, arguing that the UK needs to encourage a savings culture. Read the full debate here.

Is it time to abolish the 45p rate of income tax?

CPS Head of Tax Tom Clougherty took the “Yes” side of The Times’ ‘Big Question’ – Is it time to abolish the 45p rate of income tax? Debating Arun Advani, associate professor of economics at the University of Warwick, Tom argued that while the politics of cutting the rate would be fraught, the principle is… View Article

Extension of Avanti contract is new low for rail passengers

CPS Research Fellow Tony Lodge wrote the Thunderer column in today’s Times newspaper, calling the extension of the Avanti contract on the West Coast Main Line “a new low”. Lodge writes that “passengers on Britain’s most important railway have been failed consistently for a generation” and the government has consistent failed to extend the open-access… View Article

Britain poised to sign Indo-Pacific trade deal

The Daily Telegraph reports that Britain is poised to join an Indo-Pacific trade pact, becoming the first non-founding member of the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP), giving businesses easier access growing economies in the region. The newspaper highlights the findings of CPS report ‘Looking East’ which made the case for UK membership, highlighting… View Article

How high-tax Britain is fuelling a wave of early retirement that has made us all poorer

The Daily Telegraph reports on how higher taxes are driving a wave of early retirement, something the recent CPS report ‘Where are the Workers?’ focused on in detail. Tom Clougherty, CPS Head of Tax, told the newspaper “paying tax on your income makes work less attractive at the margin and makes leisure more attractive because… View Article

How a Labour capital gains tax raid would make Britain a global outlier

CPS Head of Tax Tom Clougherty is quoted in the Daily Telegraph, responding to calls from some front-bench Labour MPs that a Labour government could align the rates of capital gains tax. Tom told the paper the move would mean “Britain would end up with the least competitive personal tax system in the OECD. Considering… View Article

The UK’s growth stagnation

Douglas McWilliams, a speaker at the CPS’ Budget 2023: The Verdict panel discussion, turned his contributions into a piece for Reaction. In it, he argues the Budget did little for growth stagnation and that “repairing the UK’s growth problems is difficult without addressing the country’s productivity problems.” Read Doug’s article here, or watch the whole… View Article

33 - 48 of 1183 Search results