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Extension of Avanti contract is new low for rail passengers

CPS Research Fellow Tony Lodge wrote the Thunderer column in today’s Times newspaper, calling the extension of the Avanti contract on the West Coast Main Line “a new low”. Lodge writes that “passengers on Britain’s most important railway have been failed consistently for a generation” and the government has consistent failed to extend the open-access… View Article

Britain poised to sign Indo-Pacific trade deal

The Daily Telegraph reports that Britain is poised to join an Indo-Pacific trade pact, becoming the first non-founding member of the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP), giving businesses easier access growing economies in the region. The newspaper highlights the findings of CPS report ‘Looking East’ which made the case for UK membership, highlighting… View Article

How high-tax Britain is fuelling a wave of early retirement that has made us all poorer

The Daily Telegraph reports on how higher taxes are driving a wave of early retirement, something the recent CPS report ‘Where are the Workers?’ focused on in detail. Tom Clougherty, CPS Head of Tax, told the newspaper “paying tax on your income makes work less attractive at the margin and makes leisure more attractive because… View Article

How a Labour capital gains tax raid would make Britain a global outlier

CPS Head of Tax Tom Clougherty is quoted in the Daily Telegraph, responding to calls from some front-bench Labour MPs that a Labour government could align the rates of capital gains tax. Tom told the paper the move would mean “Britain would end up with the least competitive personal tax system in the OECD. Considering… View Article

The UK’s growth stagnation

Douglas McWilliams, a speaker at the CPS’ Budget 2023: The Verdict panel discussion, turned his contributions into a piece for Reaction. In it, he argues the Budget did little for growth stagnation and that “repairing the UK’s growth problems is difficult without addressing the country’s productivity problems.” Read Doug’s article here, or watch the whole… View Article

The Government can build a new consensus on international development by focusing on investment

Gareth Davies MP writes for ConservativeHome following the publication of his new report, published by the Centre for Policy Studies. In the article Gareth compares the ongoing debate over British Overseas Development Assistance vs the lack of awareness about development finance, despite the incredible impact and significant financial returns the latter can generate. Read Gareth’s… View Article

Childcare rules: Why hitting six figures leaves high-flyers in a Parent Trap

New childcare rules announced in yesterday’s Budget are welcome, but cliff-edges for higher earnings need to be ironed out, says City A.M. Jeremy Hunt extended free childcare for one- and two-year-olds but this is withdrawn once a parent earns over £100,000 which the paper estimates could cost parents earning above the threshold £25,000 over the… View Article

The true cost of the teachers’ strike

As teachers across the country walk out for another national strike day, Mark Lehain, CPS Head of Education, has written for the Spectator’s Coffee House. In the piece Mark argues that strikes are “divisive” for the profession and damaging for children who have already had three years of disrupted education during the pandemic. Read Mark’s… View Article

Older people quit workforce ‘because they can afford to’

The Times today covers a new report from the Centre for Policy Studies highlighting the spectrum of causes contributing to increasing economic inactivity. The article leads with the research which shows economically comfortable people over 50 are feeling increasingly able to stop working, contrary to the popular narrative that workers are being driven out of… View Article

House buyers are being short-changed by a government scheme

Tom Clougherty, CPS Research Director, is quoted in the Telegraph backing calls to increase the purchase limit of a new home under the Lifetime ISA. Tom told the paper the Lisa is “increasingly unfit for purpose” and called for the purchase limit to be increased to £600,000. He said: “Lifting the cap in line with changes… View Article

Why anaemic Britain needs an investment shot in the arm

Tom Clougherty, CPS Research Director, told the Daily Telegraph that government should be “as aggressive and bold…within the fiscal constraints that exist” in this week’s Budget. Tom highlighted findings from our recent report ‘Does Britain mean Business?’ which warned Britain would become a significantly worse place to do business when corporation tax rises and the… View Article

Boosting Business

The Times has endorsed the findings of recent CPS report ‘Does Britain mean Business?’ in its leader column on Saturday 11 March. The article highlights our recommendation that, if the corporation tax rate rise cannot be cancelled, the Chancellor should introduce full-expensing to mitigate the cost of corporation tax rises and the end of the… View Article

‘Businesses hurt’ by Hunt tax hikes

The Sun reports on latest CPS research urging the Chancellor to act before planned tax rises make Britain less competitive. ‘Does Britain mean Business?’ proposes that next week’s Budget include full expensing, with CPS Director and report co-author Robert Colvile saying “We believe increasing corporation tax is a big mistake. But introducing full expensing as… View Article

Jeremy Hunt’s corporation tax hike ‘would make Britain a far worse place to do business’, top think tank warns

New CPS report ‘Does Britain mean Business?’ urging the Chancellor to consider full expensing to soften the blow of planned corporation tax cuts has featured on page 2 of today’s Daily Mail. The report found raising the corporation tax rate could cause the UK’s GDP to be 1.2% lower than if the rate remained at… View Article

Think tank calls for new investment tax incentives

 “If ministers cannot afford to cancel the planned corporation tax rise, they should at the very least soften the blow.” The latest report from the Centre for Policy Studies – ‘Does Britain mean Business?’ – is featured in today’s Times, focusing on calls for the Chancellor to introduce full expensing in next week’s Budget. As… View Article

Tories “running out of time” to deliver a “distinctively Conservative agenda on tax”

CPS Research Director and Head of Tax Tom Clougherty is quoted by the Daily Telegraph in an article in the run up to next week’s Budget. According to the paper, the Conservative government have delivered several policies proposed by Jeremy Corbyn in Labour’s 2019 manifesto. Tom Clougherty told the Telegraph “It is shocking to think… View Article

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