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No Way to Help the High Street

A new paper from the Centre for Policy Studies, supported by the Coalition for a Digital Economy (Coadec), shows that an Online Sales Tax would do more harm than good to consumers, businesses and the economy – as the Government’s own consultation paper to a large extent acknowledges.

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British Railways – Reform or Renationalise?

Conor Walsh -

Ahead of the Williams Review, the CPS published a new briefing examining the contrasting cases for renationalisation of the rail network or for further reforms to promote competition.

Britain Beyond Brexit

George Freeman - General

‘Britain Beyond Brexit’ is a collection of essays by almost 40 leading politicians, edited by George Freeman MP. It unites Conservative MPs from north and south, left and right, Leave and Remain to set out ideas to take Britain forward after Brexit – including contributions from Sajid Javid, Ruth Davidson, Dominic Raab, Penny Mordaunt and Matt Hancock.

Think Small – A blueprint for supporting UK small businesses

Nick King - Tax

‘Think Small’ is a new report which looks to make life a lot easier for small companies. It is authored by Nick King, Head of Business at the Centre for Policy Studies. The report calls for the Government to adopt an emblematic policy to champion small and family businesses: the Simple Consolidated Tax.

Fixing the Care Crisis

Centre for Policy Studies - Health

In a new report for the Centre for Policy Studies, the Rt Hon Damian Green MP puts forward a bold and comprehensive proposal to secure the future of social care.

A Budget for No Deal

Centre for Policy Studies - Economy

The British Government and the EU insist they do not want a “no-deal” Brexit, yet it remains a possibility. That is why we have set out measures the Chancellor should consider in a no-deal scenario.

Herding Unicorns

- Media & Technology

‘Herding Unicorns’ proposes new reforms – including mentoring programmes and ‘Unicorn Visas’ – to help the UK nurture homegrown entrepreneurs and promote the next generation of tech companies.

The Truth About Britain’s Railways

Conor Walsh -

The New Year brings the traditional grumbling about the cost of train fares – especially since punctuality has fallen to its lowest level since 2005. Yet new CPS analysis suggests that Britain’s rail network is in better shape than many people realise.

All Hands on Deck

Guy Opperman MP and Laura Farris - Economy

Businesses and employers can and should do more to help close Britain’s productivity gap. Guy Opperman MP suggests Britain businesses should follow the example of US firms who found high employee engagement was reflected in at least a 20% boost to productivity and profitability.

Make Work Pay

Tom Clougherty - Tax

‘Make Work Pay’ puts forward major proposals to reshape the tax system around a simple principle: to make work pay. One key proposal is to raising National Insurance threshold to create a universal working income, free of income tax and National Insurance.

From Rent to Own

Alex Morton - Housing

The UK needs an ownership revolution. ‘From Rent to Own’ proposes that for a single year, the Government should turn the Capital Gains Tax payable by a landlord on sale of a rented home into a rebate shared between landlord and tenant.

Five Proposals for Savings Reform

Michael Johnson - Pensions

The complexity, cost, and inflexibility of the pensions system, combined with widespread distrust of the pensions industry, is putting basic rate taxpayers off saving for their futures. Michael Johnson puts forward 5 reforms to turn the tide on Britain’s saving habits.

Technically Gifted

Toby Young -

Toby Young proposes radical reforms to ensure technical and vocation education are available for all students with a flair them, not just children who are seen as not bright enough to do traditional academic GCSEs.

Down with Deposits: The Case for Rental Insurance

Brian Sturgess - Housing

Up-front deposits mean renters lose out on accruing interest on their money, which they can also struggle to get back. A deposit replacement insurance system would insure landlords against damage or missed rent while allowing tenants to avoid borrowing.

A Risk Too Far

Michael Johnson - Pensions

Royal Mail plans to offers its employees a Collective Defined Contribution (CDC) pensions scheme risk undermining recently-gained pensions freedoms and creating irreversible intergenerational injustice for members.

Who Governs Britain?

Matt Warman MP - Constitution & Democracy

Polling commissioned by the Centre for Policy Studies reveals astonishing lack of trust in elected officials to act in the public interest. Matt Warman MP argues that both the appearance and the reality of government must change to address real public concerns about a crisis of confidence in democracy.

Fair Business Banking for All

Kevin Hollinrake MP - Economy

Small and medium businesses are the lifeblood of the British economy but many fail to scale up because they are reluctant to take on the borrowing they need due to a lack of trust in big banks.

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65 - 80 of 805 Research articles