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National Insurance: A Plan to Blunt the Pain

In a briefing note, Robert Colvile and Tom Clougherty set out how, by raising the employee National Insurance threshold, the Government can shield those on median and lower incomes from the incoming NICs rise entirely, and at a relatively low cost.

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Powerful Patients & Paperless Systems

Alan Mak - Health

A major new report by Havant MP Alan Mak, published by the Centre for Policy Studies, proposes ambitious reforms to the NHS, shedding paper, pagers and fax machines to create a fully digital NHS that will help patients take control of their treatment.

Mission Accomplished?

Robert Colvile - Economy

Robert Colvile and Daniel Mahoney warn Philip Hammond not let recent economic figures tempt him into ending austerity, the Chancellor has no room for complacency.

The Cost of Nationalisation

Daniel Mahoney - Economy

Labour’s nationalisation agenda could cost the government £176bn, or £6,500 for every household, concludes research by the Centre for Policy Studies.

A Royal Commission on the NHS: The Remit

Maurice Saatchi - Health

Maurice Saatchi and Dominic Nutt outline how a well-designed Royal Commission, above party politics and agendas, can bring together a blueprint to safeguard the future of the NHS.

Homes for Everyone

Chris Philp MP - Housing

Chris Philp, MP for Croydon South, proposes major reform of the planning system to increase housebuilding and promote home ownership.

Budget 2017: The CPS Verdict

Daniel Mahoney - Politics

The Chancellor’s Autumn Budget was overshadowed by the GDP growth forecasts being revised down. Hammond did well to avoid a spending splurge but there was a disappointing lack of action of housing or productivity.

The Great Productivity Squeeze

Daniel Mahoney - Public Services

The British economy is beset by poor productivity – and it is about to start putting a real squeeze on growth. Its effects have been cushioned by high employment, but with few workers left to add to the Labour market, the only way to boost GDP is to improve productivity. With his deficit target under threat from productivity downgrades, the Budget represents the Chancellor’s best chance to tackle the problem.

A New Era for Retail Bonds

Rishi Sunak MP - Economy

Rishi Sunak MP calls for the Government to back the creation of a new exchange for SME bonds aimed at everyday savers.

Why Britain Needs More Robots

Daniel Mahoney - Manufacturing

The Labour Party is wrong to argue against increasing mechanisation. It would impede productivity growth, depress wage growth, and encourage economic activity to relocate.

The Hidden Wiring

Tony Lodge - Energy

The government is quietly risking the UK’s electricity supply by abandoning plans to increase capacity at home, instead turning to imports.

Did Clegg create the conditions for Corbyn?

Daniel Mahoney - Pensions

The Liberal Democrats insisted the triple lock for state pensions form part of the Coalition Agreement in 2010. Since then welfare spending on pensioners has gone up by 10% but down 5% for working households, driving young voters towards Labour.

Tuition Fees: A Fairer Formula

Michael Johnson -

The proposed changes to the tuition fees system could lead to higher write-offs and a financial time bomb for taxpayers, concludes a new report by Michael Johnson.

The Medico-Legal Crisis and How to Solve It

Dr Paul Goldsmith - Health

The NHS’ liabilities for medico-legal claims now total £65bn, draining the NHS of much-needed funds and putting patients at risk by driving GPs out of practice.

The Australian Supermodel: Lessons for the UK

The Hon Alexander Downer AC -

Alexander Downer, Australia’s High Commissioner to the UK, says Britain should use the opportunities from Brexit and Australia is eager to begin negotiating a free trade deal.

Strikes in Essential Services: Time for further protection for the public?

Nicholas Finney OBE - Public Services

Strikes in the “essential services” are banned in most Western economies, apart from in the UK. The government must do more to protect the public from strike action in public services.

Venezuela – No Room for Apologists

Daniel Mahoney - Economy

Many on the left of British politics celebrate Chavez’s reforms and say Venezuela offers “a better way of doing things”. This report shows that there is no excuse for Venezuela’s defenders: the evidence is clear, the reforms were damaging

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81 - 96 of 802 Research articles