In Conversation with Dr Frank Luntz

  A year after Dr Luntz’s landmark survey of the British public’s language and values, which he conducted during his time as a visiting academic fellow at the CPS, Robert sits down with Dr Luntz to discuss the current state of UK politics following the recent local elections, the state of US politics and the position… View Article

The Future of Rail post COVID-19

      The Future of Rail post COVID-19 with Stephen Hammond MP, Member of Parliament for Wimbledon Champa Magesh, President – Trainline for Business Andy Bagnall, Director General – Rail Delivery Group Jo Lewington, Chief Environment & Sustainability Officer – Network Rail Tony Lodge, Research Fellow – Centre for Policy Studies (Chair)     Just over two years ago,… View Article

The Sir Keith Joseph Memorial Lecture 2022

    The Sir Keith Joseph Memorial Lecture  delivered by Dr Frank Luntz on The decline in political trust     The Centre for Policy Studies is delighted to welcome Dr Frank Luntz for the annual Sir Keith Joseph Memorial Lecture. Dr Luntz is a visiting academic fellow at the CPS and the world’s leading expert on political… View Article

Bank of England: Are we better off after 25 years of independence?

  Bank of England: Are we better off after 25 years of independence? with David Smith, Economics Editor – The Sunday Times Prof. Anne Sibert, Professor of Economics – Birkbeck, University of London Dr Gerard Lyons, Chief Economic Strategist – Netwealth Tom Clougherty, Head of Tax – Centre for Policy Studies (Chair)   Today, the… View Article

UK Competitiveness: opportunities and challenges post-Brexit

  One year on from Brexit, the Government has an opportunity to reflect on whether the UK’s regulatory policy as a whole is fit for the future. Between the pandemic, never-ending negotiations on the Northern Ireland border and actually leaving the EU bloc, the case for reforming existing regulations is stronger than ever – as… View Article

CapX Live – Aux Urnes, Citoyens! How will French presidential election unfold?

It’s Macron vs Le Pen, again, as the French public head into the second round of the country’s presidential elections. Is it a shoo-in for the incumbent, or does the Rassemblement National have a serious chance of seizing power? And what will the key battles be ahead of the vote on April 24? For our… View Article

CapX Live – Are sanctions working?

  The West has responded to the invasion of Ukraine with a coordinated campaign of sanctions designed to cripple the Russian economy and isolate the Putin regime. As the war rages on, our expert panel will discuss the effectiveness of these measures in curbing Putin’s aggression, and the morality and impact of targeting ordinary Russian citizens…. View Article

CapX Live – Everything in moderation: where is the centre ground?

  The pandemic and now the Ukraine crisis have plunged us into an era of extraordinary uncertainty, with global factors leading to major disruptions to our everyday life. Public opinion, too, has been shifting rapidly. So what does the new map of British politics look like? And are voters and politicians on the same page?… View Article

In conversation with Rt Hon Chris Skidmore MP: 100 days post-COP26

  In conversation with the Rt Hon Chris Skidmore MP: 100 days on from COP26 with The Rt Hon Chris Skidmore MP, Chairman – Net Zero Support Group Eamonn Ives, Head of Energy & Environment Policy – Centre for Policy Studies (Chair) At the conclusion of COP26 in Glasgow in November last year, the conference’s President Alok Sharma declared that “we… View Article

The Future of Policing: what are the challenges facing policing today?

    The Future of Policing: what are the challenges facing policing today? with The Rt Hon Kit Malthouse MP, Minister of State for Crime, Policing and Probation Sir Michael Barber, Chair – The Strategic Review of Policing in England & Wales Lisa Townsend, Surrey Police and Crime Commissioner Robert Colvile, Director – Centre for Policy Studies (Chair)    … View Article

In conversation with Huw Merriman MP: Is Road Pricing the Future?

On Friday 4th February, the Transport Select Committee will release its report into road pricing. In this CPS webinar, Huw Merriman MP (Chair, Transport Select Committee) sits down with Eamonn Ives (Head of Energy and Environment, CPS) to discuss the report and examine how road pricing could be implemented in the UK.   Slowly but surely, British motorists are… View Article

CBI & CPS: Are we actually serious about growth?

  Two years on from Brexit, and the economic debate is stagnant. We’re talking about high taxes and high spending – not unleashing business investment and catalysing productivity. Growth forecasts for the post-pandemic era are anaemic. Lowballing growth lowballs our economy and fails to realise the country’s aspirations.   In his first major speech of 2022, CBI… View Article