UK Competitiveness: opportunities and challenges post-Brexit

25/04/2022 - 25/04/2022


One year on from Brexit, the Government has an opportunity to reflect on whether the UK’s regulatory policy as a whole is fit for the future. Between the pandemic, never-ending negotiations on the Northern Ireland border and actually leaving the EU bloc, the case for reforming existing regulations is stronger than ever – as the country focuses more than ever on levelling up and increasing investment in the economy. Investing in sectors such as urban regeneration, housing, green technology and renewable energy creates social value as well as an opportunity to take a leading role on the global stage, but clear priorities and a strategy are needed.

This event, hosted in partnership with Pension Insurance Corporation, brought together the Rt Hon. Jacob Rees-Mogg MP, Tracy Blackwell, Ben Houchen, Chris Giles and Robert Colvile to dissect and debate the future of the UK’s regulatory policy with all that it encompasses in terms of the UK’s competitiveness, economic strategy and incentivising increased investment into the UK’s economy for a sustainable and prosperous future post-Brexit.


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