CapX Live - Are sanctions working?

17/03/2022 - 17/03/2022


The West has responded to the invasion of Ukraine with a coordinated campaign of sanctions designed to cripple the Russian economy and isolate the Putin regime. As the war rages on, our expert panel will discuss the effectiveness of these measures in curbing Putin’s aggression, and the morality and impact of targeting ordinary Russian citizens.

CapX Editor John Ashmore is joined by economist and writer Duncan Weldon, former Ukrainian politician and Strategic Relations Manager at the Henry Jackson Society Aliona Hlivco, and writer and Senior Fellow at The Atlantic Council Ben Judah.


Thursday 17th March
16.00 – 17.00





Aliona Hlivco is the Strategic Relations Manager at Henry Jackson Society. Prior to that she was a political analyst, country risk adviser, Guest Lecturer at Regent’s University London and a regular contributor at Chatham House. After having worked as a Chief of Staff to an MP, she ran for office herself and stood as a candidate in the Ukrainian Parliamentary General Elections. In 2015 she was elected a Local Councillor in her hometown Chernivtsi and became Chief Party Whip in the Regional Parliament. Aliona also served as a Chief Adviser to the Chair of the Regional Parliament.

Ben Judah is a senior fellow at the Atlantic Council’s Europe Center and a foreign-policy writer based in New York, with his current research focus on the foreign policy of the Biden administration, transnational kleptocracy, and Britain’s attempts to reset its diplomatic posture after Brexit. He is the author of two acclaimed books: Fragile Empire, a study of Vladimir Putin’s Russia, and This is London, a book on the British capital.

Duncan Weldon is a writer and broadcaster. He was previously the Britain Economics Correspondent at the Economist, the Economics Correspondent for Newsnight and a columnist for Prospect magazine. An economist by background, he began his career at the Bank of England, before working in asset management and then public policy as the senior economist at the Trades Union Congress. Aside from The Economist and Prospect he has written for the Financial Times, New Statesman, Guardian, Political Quarterly and City AM, and is a regular commentator on television and radio.