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How cutting hated stamp duty could solve the nation’s housing crisis

Ahead of rumours the Chancellor is planning to cut stamp duty, the CPS Head of Tax Tom Clougherty welcomed such a move. In comments reported by the Daily Telegraph, Clougherty said a cut would be “a watershed moment for the housing market. It will liberate supply and boost productivity.” Research by the CPS found that… View Article

The bolder the Chancellor, the bigger the payoff

Ahead of the new Chancellor’s statement tomorrow, CPS Head of Tax Tom Clougherty sets out three key measures Kwasi Kwarteng could take to help boost growth. Writing for CapX, he argues that tackling capital allowances would help fix the current “cliff edge” many businesses face, as well as suggesting the Chancellor should consider reforming stamp… View Article

Liz Truss tax cuts must be bolder to revive UK economy, Thatcherite thinks tank claims

Ahead of this week’s fiscal statement, the Centre for Policy Studies urged the government to go further in pursuit of growth. City A.M. reports on CPS research which showed that scrapping the six point increase in corporate tax would generate a 1.2 per cent bump in GDP but further measures, such as scrapping taxes on… View Article

Free market think tanks criticise Truss’s energy price freeze

Following confirmation of the Prime Minister’s plan to freeze energy bills, City A.M. rounded up responses from free market think tanks included the Centre for Policy Studies. The Centre for Policy Studies said the cost of the freeze will be “eye-watering”, but it praised the government for “resisting the pressure for a windfall tax that… View Article

Why Liz Truss will not be unchaining Britannia

Robert Shrimsley, writing in the Financial Times, sets out the challenges facing Liz Truss and highlights the recent CPS paper ‘The New Majority’. “Political realities are about to intrude” on Truss’ radical intentions, he writes, as she faces the “priorities and dismay of newly acquired aspirational working-class supporters” highlighted in the CPS report. The report… View Article

Brits must never face rocketing energy bills again, Liz Truss to pledge as she unveils energy revolution

Liz Truss’s government have unveiled plans to tackle spiraling energy costs, announcing a support package which will freeze bills for the average household at £2,500 a year. Coverage in the Daily Mail included figures from a recent report from the Centre for Policy Studies which found that funding the freeze would cost £29billion a year… View Article

Working-class voters are leaving the Tories in droves. Truss must prove she is on their side.

James Frayne, author of the latest CPS report ‘The New Majority’, has written his latest ConHome column on the Conservatives’ new electoral coalition and the challenges Liz Truss faces to keep it together. “The Government’s survival depends on a massive package of financial support for working-class families, while medium-term success requires a strategy which amplifies… View Article

Working class voters turning away from Tory party as cost of living crisis mounts, new report warns

The Yorkshire Post published coverage of the recent CPS report ‘The New Majority’ which maps the Conservative Party’s “fracturing” electoral coalition. The report, which features polling from Public First and written by the founding partner James Frayne, found that lower-income Tory voters are “seething” at the perceived failure to support them as the cost of… View Article

Wobbling workers are begging for help on cost of living. Tories must start listening

In his latest column for The Times CPS Director Robert Colvile urges the new Prime Minister to focus on working-class Tories facing “destitution” as a result of the cost of living crisis. Referencing the latest CPS polling and report ‘The New Majority’, he writes “that the real threat to the party is among its newer… View Article

Truss’s in tray: the economy.

In the first of series of articles for ConHome, looking at the challenges facing the incoming Prime Minister, CPS Head of Tax Tom Clougherty sets out the economic challenge facing Liz Truss. Her worldview is “unusually clear and well-established,” says Clougherty, and her premiership could see a break from “narrower fiscal conservatism” that has dominated… View Article

Savers should be allowed to raid Lifetime Isas, says their inventor

The Daily Tepegraph reports on comments by Michael Johnson, architect of the Lifetime ISA, suggesting the cost of living crisis meant savers should be able to withdraw funds from LISAs without incurring charges. Johnson, who first proposed the idea of LISAs in a paper for the Centre for Policy Studies back in 2014, told the… View Article

How do we solve Britain’s energy bill crisis?

Karl Williams, senior researcher at the Centre for Policy Studies, believes future government support for households struggling with rising energy bills should focus on supporting those most in need, not nationalising energy firms. Responding to comments from former Prime Minister Gordon Brown, who suggested a “watertight windfall tax” on energy companies and the potential for… View Article

Sunak vows to protect ‘precious’ green belt and build more houses on brownfield

As candidates for the Conservative leadership set out their plans on housing Alex Morton, Head of Policy at the Centre for Policy Studies, is quoted in the Daily Express on the need to build more homes. This week Rishi Sunak pledged to protect “precious” greenbelt and recently Liz Truss came out in favour of scrapping… View Article

The next Prime Minister must ditch the dreadful Online Safety Bill

Implementing the Online Safety Bill as currently drafted would have “serious consequences”, says Matthew Feeney, Head of Tech and Innovation for the Centre for Policy Studies. Writing for CapX, Feeney argues that while the Bill is intended to limit the spread of ‘harmful’ content, the draft legislation puts at risk end-to-end encryption, the right to… View Article

Liz Truss pledges to set up low-regulation ‘investment zones’

Liz Truss plans to introduce “low-regulation investment zones” – calling them a “full-fat” version of leadership opponent Rishi Sunak’s freeports – if she becomes Prime Minister, reports the Daily Mail. The paper notes that Sunak first proposed the idea of freeports in the UK in a paper he wrote for the Centre for Policy Studies… View Article

Low earners benefited from Sunak reforms, says CPS Head of Tax

Following Rishi Sunak’s resignation as Chancellor, the Daily Telegraph reports on his legacy as the tax burden reaches its highest level since 1949. The article features comments from Tom Clougherty, CPS Head of Tax, who said the former Chancellor would be remembered for his pandemic support for families. Changes to Universal Credit and National Insurance… View Article

17 - 32 of 67 Search results