Sunak vows to protect ‘precious’ green belt and build more houses on brownfield

As candidates for the Conservative leadership set out their plans on housing Alex Morton, Head of Policy at the Centre for Policy Studies, is quoted in the Daily Express on the need to build more homes.

This week Rishi Sunak pledged to protect “precious” greenbelt and recently Liz Truss came out in favour of scrapping “Stalinist” housing targets but, Morton argues “[b]oth candidates need to be honest with Tory members that we need more homes, in the South, in particular.”

He added “other policies such as boosting brownfield or reducing immigration could help on housing – but the candidates have not set out how to achieve either – and in any case, the scale of the housing crisis means the wider need for more homes in the South, including on greenfield sites, cannot be ignored.”

Read the full piece here.

Date Added: Thursday 28th July 2022