Wobbling workers are begging for help on cost of living. Tories must start listening

In his latest column for The Times CPS Director Robert Colvile urges the new Prime Minister to focus on working-class Tories facing “destitution” as a result of the cost of living crisis.

Referencing the latest CPS polling and report ‘The New Majority’, he writes “that the real threat to the party is among its newer working-class supporters, whether Leave or Remain” and not, as many believe, middle-class voters in the blue wall. These voters “gave the government the benefit of the doubt” when the cost of living crisis began but are now facing rising food prices, energy bills, and transportation costs, and are expecting the government to do more.

In the piece he goes on to say that despite the seemingly fragmented nature of the Conservative vote – from “wobbling” lower-income voters to the traditional home counties vote – they are “united by a quiet pride in Britain’s traditions, values and history” and can be held together if the new Prime Minister shows they are on the side of lower-income voters.

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Date Added: Sunday 4th September 2022