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The Sun backs CPS calls for 50p Universal Credit taper rate

The Sun’s ‘Make Universal Credit Work’ campaign is calling for a reduction in the Universal Credit taper rate, as proposed by Tom Clougherty, CPS Head of Tax, in our recent ‘Make Work Pay’ report. Robert Colvile is quoted in The Sun article, Thursday 20 December, in support of the reduction saying “it is morally wrong that the… View Article

The fax machine bonfire has begun – now for the pager scrapheap

Increasing the use of technology in the NHS will “improve patient care, [allow the NHS to] communicate more easily, and offer online booking for appointments, whilst saving money in back-office administration that can be re-directed to front line services”, writes Alan Mak MP in The Spectator, Monday 10 December. Writing following the announcement that the NHS… View Article

Brexit gives Britain the chance to better help its poorest regions

Brexit is an opportunity for Britain to replace the European Regional Development Fund and European Social Fund with a system which better recognises areas of need. Lucky Dube, one of the Centre for Policy Studies’ research interns, writes for CapX on the unfairness of the fact that Tower Hamlets (one of the UKs most deprived… View Article

There’s more to in-work poverty than the alarming headlines suggest

Yesterday’s Joseph Rowntree Foundation on poverty makes some good points but, as James Heywood sets out for CapX, the headlines do not give us the full picture. Heywood, Senior Researcher at the Centre for Policy Studies, sets out that although in-work poverty has risen very slightly, a household in poverty is still much more likely… View Article

Alex Morton: Whether you like her plan or not, the Prime Minister target reducing immigration

“Evidence is that immigration was a critical part of the Brexit debate”, of course the Prime Minister is right to place it at the heart of her Withdrawal Agreement, writes Alex Morton in his regular column with ConservativeHome. Theresa May has been criticised by some for prioritising ending free movement of people over other issues… View Article

Of course Thatcher should be considered as the scientist for the new £50 note

Should Margaret Thatcher be considered as the scientist to be featured on the new £50 note? Of course, says Emma Revell. Writing in City A.M.’s Debate column on 28 November, Emma argues that although science isn’t the first thing that comes to mind, Mrs Thatcher’s scientific achievements are worthy of a place on the Bank… View Article

DEBATE: How can the Government help renters?

Rental insurance should be introduced in order to make life easier for those in the private rented sector, says Conor Walsh. Participating in a debate on the Smart Thinking website, Conor makes the case put forward in the Centre for Policy Studies report ‘Down with Deposits’ which argues for a system of rental insurance as an alternative… View Article

‘New Generation’ report raised in the House of Lords

Matt Ridley asked the government to consider Rishi Sunak MP’s report, “A New Era for Retail Bonds”, published by the Centre for Policy Studies as part of the New Generationprogramme, as a way of supporting small businesses to grow. During oral questions in the House of Lords, Monday 20 November, Matt Ridley referenced the paper and it’s… View Article

It’s high time Londoners got a real rail service choice

Rail competition “has led to lower fares and more choice” and more Londoners should benefit, says Tony Lodge, CPS Research Fellow, in the London Evening Standard. Tony, author of several CPS reports including one on the benefits of rail competition, highlights the difference in rail fares from Euston – where rail companies have monopolies over the lines… View Article

A new report has radical ideas on reforming tax – the Government should listen

‘Make Work Pay’, the latest report from CPS Head of Tax Tom Clougherty, is a “clear-eyed, wide-ranging look” at the present tax system and puts forward “practical, aspirational ideas to make it better”, says Marc Sidwell, Head of Personal Finance at The Telegraph. Marc’s report calls on the government to consider the report’s proposals, noting “the CPS has a long… View Article

Death taxes shouldn’t be used to raise additional revenue, says Head of Tax

As the Daily Mail reports on rumours of increased ‘death taxes’, Tom Clougherty warns against excessive rises in probate fees. Commenting in the Daily Mail, Wednesday 7 November, our Head of Tax says probate fees should “reflect the cost of the service” and not be used by the government as a way to bring in additional revenue…. View Article

Make Work Pay proposes a new agenda for fairer taxes, says Head of Tax

Tom Clougherty, CPS Head of Tax and author of ‘Make Work Pay’, writes in ConservativeHome about the thinking behind the proposals and how ultimately it is about “giving people more control over their finances and over their lives” by creating a “fairer deal” for all earners and those claiming Universal Credit. The report, launched with an event attended by… View Article

Make £12k a year tax free, says think tank report

Workers should be allowed to earn £12,000 before paying income tax or National Insurance in new proposals put forward by the Centre for Policy Studies in what The Sun newspaper called “fresh tax reforms”. “The purpose of these reforms”, says Tom Clougherty, CPS Head of Tax and author of the ‘Make Work Pay’ report, “is to ensure… View Article

Shock news: people don’t like paying tax

“Tax is seen not as a fiscal issue, but a moral one”, writes Robert Colvile, CPS Director, in a piece for The Times Red Box, Tuesday 6 November. That is the conclusion of exclusive polling carried out by YouGov and commissioned by the Centre for Policy Studies. Robert notes that “voters overwhelmingly believe that you should always… View Article

Tories need new ideas to prevent ‘national calamity’ of Corbyn government, says PM at CPS event

Theresa May has told the Conservative Party it needs to “beat [the Labour Party] in the battle of ideas”, reports PoliticsHome, Monday 5 November. The Prime Minister was speaking at the launch of the Centre for Policy Studies’ major new policy programme and added that the “real intellectual energy today is to be found on the centre-right”…. View Article

Theresa May can fix Britain by putting voters back in control of their lives, says Lord Saatchi

“Taking back control isn’t a slogan. It’s a solution.” Lord Saatchi, former Conservative Party Chairman and Chairman of the Centre for Policy Studies, writes today – Monday 5 November – for the Daily Mail ahead of the launch of our major new policy programme. The first report, published on Tuesday 6 November following a launch… View Article

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