Make Work Pay proposes a new agenda for fairer taxes, says Head of Tax

Tom Clougherty, CPS Head of Tax and author of ‘Make Work Pay’, writes in ConservativeHome about the thinking behind the proposals and how ultimately it is about “giving people more control over their finances and over their lives” by creating a “fairer deal” for all earners and those claiming Universal Credit.

The report, launched with an event attended by the Prime Minister, includes proposals to raise the threshold at which earners begin paying National Insurance contributions and cutting the Universal Credit taper rate to avoid those moving from welfare to work facing high marginal tax rates.

You can read Tom’s full piece on the ConservativeHome website. Jethro Elsden also covered the report for CapX.

‘Make Work Pay’ is available to download from the Centre for Policy Studies website.

Date Added: Tuesday 6th November 2018