Brexit gives Britain the chance to better help its poorest regions

Brexit is an opportunity for Britain to replace the European Regional Development Fund and European Social Fund with a system which better recognises areas of need.

Lucky Dube, one of the Centre for Policy Studies’ research interns, writes for CapX on the unfairness of the fact that Tower Hamlets (one of the UKs most deprived areas) received less funding “because of its proximity to the City of London”.

Lucky highlights the fact that although “there is no link between a leave vote in an area and how deprived it is”, deprived areas do exist with the UK and Brexit provides an opportunity to increase the effectiveness of targeted funding and “improve the quality of life of those in the most deprived neighbourhoods in the country”.

Click here to read the full piece on the CapX website.

Date Added: Wednesday 5th December 2018