The Sun backs CPS calls for 50p Universal Credit taper rate

The Sun’s ‘Make Universal Credit Work’ campaign is calling for a reduction in the Universal Credit taper rate, as proposed by Tom Clougherty, CPS Head of Tax, in our recent ‘Make Work Pay’ report.

Robert Colvile is quoted in The Sun article, Thursday 20 December, in support of the reduction saying “it is morally wrong that the present situation means a cleaner pays a higher marginal tax rate than the CEO whose office she is tidying.”

Robert added:

“As we argued in ‘Make Work Pay’, a 50p taper rate would significantly boost the incomes of the working poor.

“More importantly, it would help people to escape the ‘welfare trap’ by ensuring that it always paid to work.”

Click here to read the full article on The Sun website.

‘Make Work Pay’ is available to download from the Centre for Policy Studies website.

Date Added: Thursday 20th December 2018