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Resentful Renters

The Conservative Party manifesto promised to encourage a new market in long-term, fixed-rate mortgages to help first-time buyers get on the housing ladder A new report from the Centre for Policy Studies by Graham Edwards, one of Britain’s most successful business leaders, sets out why this is a welcome and necessary move ‘Resentful Renters’ shows… View Article

Stringent mortgage rules are locking many potential first-timer buyers out of the housing market

‘Resentful Renters’, a new paper by the Centre for Policy Studies (CPS) think tank points out that a Bank of England “stress test” can “deny people mortgages that they could perfectly well afford”. The report states that Boris Johnson’s plan to encourage a new generation of long-term, low-deposit mortgages could help up to 1.9 million… View Article

CPS setting the policy agenda

When the Conservative Party’s 2019 election manifesto was published, it was a proud moment for the Centre for Policy Studies. It confirmed that the CPS – seen by Conservative MPs as the country’s most influential think tank, according to ComRes polling – is playing a vital role in shaping the debate. Of the manifesto’s three… View Article

Public First and CPS to develop policies for the New Majority

The Conservative Party’s stunning victory on Thursday was built on the votes of a very different electorate. But who are this New Majority? And what do they now want from government? Two organisations that have already focused their work on this demographic are Public First and the Centre for Policy Studies. Today, they are announcing a ground-breaking partnership… View Article

Labour’s four-day week ‘to cost taxpayers £17bn’

Research by the Centre for Policy Studies, a centre-right think tank, has found that reducing the hours of public sector employees, including doctors, nurses, teachers, firefighters and police officers, would impose a significant extra burden on the Treasury because the workforce would have to expand. Read the full Times Article here

Government should abolish or reform ‘eye watering’ stamp duty to boost housing market

Stamp duty is the second most unpopular tax in the UK, after inheritance tax, and sees the average buyer in England pay £2,300 in duty when they purchase a property. A new Centre for Policy Studies (CPS) report pushes for a Conservative pledge to reform stamp duty at the next election, branding it a “tax… View Article

CPS publishes ‘Stamping Down’

Government should press on with stamp duty cuts, argues CPS The Government is currently considering whether or not to reduce stamp duty in the coming months ahead of any election New report by a former No 10 adviser argues that stamp duty on homes is a tax on mobility and aspiration, and calls for drastic… View Article

CPS welcomes new CBI figures on cost of renationalisation

CPS welcomes new CBI analysis of Labour’s renationalisation plans The CBI is set to release a new analysis of Labour’s renationalisation plans on Monday 14th October 2019. It estimates the upfront cost of taking the water and energy utilities, train companies and Royal Mail into public ownership at £196 billion – the equivalent, as it… View Article

CPS publishes ‘Popular Capitalism’

Domestic agenda should be built around giving people more control of their lives, argues CPS In a new report, CPS Director Robert Colvile argues that politicians should embrace a domestic agenda built around offering people greater control of their lives ‘Popular Capitalism’ argues that voters have not been shown how both capitalism and conservatism work… View Article

CPS response to Jeremy Corbyn’s conference speech

Jeremy Corbyn has today reiterated calls for the renationalisation of the energy, water, rail and mail sectors. It would require at least £176bn in borrowing, the equivalent of £6500 for every household. This would be an expensive gamble with a huge opportunity cost. Labour has previously indicated that it would save money by refusing to… View Article

CPS appoints new Research Fellows

The Centre for Policy Studies is delighted to announce that Rachel Wolf and Stephen Parkinson have agreed to become CPS Research Fellows and members of its Advisory Council. Rachel is the co-founder of Public First, a former member of the No 10 Policy Unit and a founder of the New Schools Network. She has been working with the CPS… View Article

CPS: Labour misses the point on Right to Buy

Labour’s private sector ‘Right to Buy’ would be dangerous and damaging The Labour Party is reportedly proposing a ‘right to buy’ for tenants in the private sector. This is superficially similar to a scheme proposed by the Centre for Policy Studies in October 2018 – but is a damaging and distorted version of that policy. ‘From Rent… View Article

CPS launches ‘Tipping the Balance’

USE ‘OPPORTUNITY ZONES’ TO SPREAD BENEFITS OF TRADE ACROSS ALL OF THE UK AFTER BREXIT, NEW CPS REPORT URGES Centre for Policy Studies (CPS) pamphlet shows London and South East dominate trade and FDI in the UK, responsible for 43 per cent of Britain’s exports, and over half of all new inward FDI projects between 2015 and… View Article

CPS hosts major international conference on Britain and America

CENTRE FOR POLICY STUDIES HOSTS MAJOR INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON BRITAIN AND AMERICA On Tuesday 25 June, the Centre for Policy Studies hosted the Margaret Thatcher Conference on Britain and America in the prestigious setting of the Guildhall, London. This year’s conference, which marks the 40th anniversary of Baroness Thatcher’s arrival in Downing Street,  examined the relationship… View Article

CapX – China’s rise is too big to ignore

“There could hardly be a better time to consider Anglo-Chinese relations”, writes John Ashmore, Deputy Editor of CapX. Reporting from the Centre for Policy Studies flagship Margaret Thatcher Conference on China and Britain, Ashmore highlights the views of keynote speaker Martin Jacques, who believes the UK hasn’t “fully taken heed” of what China’s rise will… View Article

CPS launches ‘British Railways in 2019 – Reform or Renationalise?’

On Thursday 20th June, the Centre for Policy Studies launched ‘British Railways in 2019 – Reform or Renationalise?’, authored by Conor Walsh, Researcher for the Centre for Policy Studies. The briefing, written in anticipation of the Williams Review, which is due to be published in the autumn, evaluates the cases for renationalisation or for reform within… View Article

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