CPS hosts major international conference on Britain and America


On Tuesday 25 June, the Centre for Policy Studies hosted the Margaret Thatcher Conference on Britain and America in the prestigious setting of the Guildhall, London.

This year’s conference, which marks the 40th anniversary of Baroness Thatcher’s arrival in Downing Street,  examined the relationship between the US and the UK and explore the role it will play in the UK’s future after leaving the EU.

Held in association with the City of London and The Daily Telegraph, it will focus on the political, economic and military aspects of the Anglo-American relationship.

As with previous Margaret Thatcher Conferences, there was a world-class line-up of speakers and experts.

The conference included keynote speeches from the Rt Hon Dr Liam Fox MP, Britain’s Trade Secretary, and Ambassador Robert Wood Johnson, US Ambassador to the UK.

There were also be remarks from Lord Saatchi, CPS chairman, and Catherine McGuinness, of the City of London, as well as an ‘in conversation’ session between the Rt Hon George Osborne and Prof Niall Ferguson.

There were three panels, on trade, security and the Anglo-American relationship more broadly. The panellistswere:

Trade – Let’s Make a Deal: The Future of UK-US Trade
Judy Shelton, Trump administration adviser
John Glen MP, City minister
Joseph Sternberg, Wall Street Journal
Dr Andy Palmer, Aston Martin Lagonda

Security – Stronger Together: The Future of the Defence and Security Relationship
Dr Karin von Hippel, RUSI
The Rt Hon Michael Fallon MP, former Defence Secretary
Deborah Haynes, Sky News

The Anglo-Saxon Model: In Need of Repair? 
Megan McArdle, The Washington Post
Dr Ryan Streeter, American Enterprise Institute
Anne Applebaum, Washington Post
Allister Heath, Sunday Telegraph

Lord Saatchi, Chairman of the Centre for Policy Studies, said: 
‘Times change. A new world order is emerging. But nobody knows its shape.

‘Today, both America’s economic and moral supremacy are being challenged by rival powers. Meanwhile, Britain is wrestling with the consequences of Brexit.

‘The Centre for Policy Studies’ Margaret Thatcher Conference on Britain and America will bring together leading thinkers, writers, diplomats and political leaders to consider whether the ‘Special Relationship’ will survive and thrive, or become a footnote in global affairs.’

Robert Colvile, Director of the Centre for Policy Studies, added: 

‘The relationship with America is one of the bedrocks of British prosperity and security – and will be profoundly important whatever the outcome of the Brexit debate.

‘Our conference will examine the key aspects of the UK-US relationship – including, of course, the potential for a new free trade deal. We are hugely excited to have such a distinguished cast of speakers to address these important issues.’


For tickets, media accreditation, or to book interviews with speakers or CPS spokesmen, please contact the Centre for Policy Studies Press Office on 07852 952 917 or email [email protected]

More information about the conference can be found at https://www.cps.org.uk/events/q/date/2019/06/25/america/


  • The Centre for Policy Studies is one of Britain’s leading think tanks, and the home of a new generation of conservative thinking. Our mission is to widen enterprise, ownership and prosperity.
  • The Margaret Thatcher Conference is the CPS’s flagship annual event. Past speakers having included Nobel Prize winners, including Dr Henry Kissinger, as well as leading statesmen, politicians, journalists, academics and thinkers from around the world.
  • Further information about the Centre for Policy Studies Margaret Thatcher Conference on Britain and America, in partnership with the City of London and The Daily Telegraph, can be found here.

Date Added: Tuesday 25th June 2019