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Reserve half of all homes for Britons to stop foreigners snapping them up, says think tank report

Restrictions on house buying by people who don’y pay tax in the UK need to be brought in in order to place home ownership at the front of the policy agenda, reports Christopher Hope in The Telegraph. In his new report, ‘Homes for Everyone’, Chris Philp MP points out that foreign buyers are snapping up… View Article

Promote home ownership by reserving 50% of new-build homes for UK residents, urges report by Conservative MP

A new report by Croydon South MP Chris Philp, published by the Centre for Policy Studies, proposes further reform of the planning system to increase home building and the promotion of home ownership. With the average first time buyer having to save for 10 years to put together a deposit and home ownership rates falling… View Article

Success for CPS policy as teaching phonics boosts reading standards

International tests have shown that the reading ability of nine and ten year olds in England have reached their highest levels since 2001, following a controversial shift in government policy in 2010 which required schools to teach phonics. The Centre for Policy Studies has been pushing for a phonics-based system for many years, with Tom Burkard… View Article

The Lessons of British Austerity – a new report on the United Kingdom’s experiences with fiscal reform

As the debate continues in the US around Donald Trump’s fiscal reform agenda, a new joint project from a series of leading international think tanks examines the experience of Australia, Britain, Canada and New Zealand, with the aim of helping to shape a bipartisan consensus for action within America. The project involves a series of… View Article

Missed opportunities blight a prudent Budget, says CPS

Daniel Mahoney, Head of Economic Research at the CPS, said: “The headline story from this Budget was the dramatic downgrading of Britain’s productivity forecasts – a minute-long section of Philip Hammond’s speech that will add as much to the deficit as the rest of it put together. In 2019, for example, productivity growth will be… View Article

Fixing Britain’s productivity problem is Hammond’s only option

Low productivity is a crippling problem for the British economy. And it shows little sign of improvement: levels have been virtually flat since 2011. Hourly productivity is now 20% below its pre-crisis trend. This week, the Office for Budget Responsibility is set to slash productivity forecasts. If there is no improvement to productivity levels, Philip… View Article

May and Rudd welcome launch of ‘New Generation’

Last night, the Centre for Policy Studies launched its new flagship New Generation project, designed to harness the talent, energy and enthusiasm of a new breed of policy thinkers, led by MPs from the 2015 and 2017 intakes. Speaking at the launch – held at the London offices of M&C Saatchi – Amber Rudd, the… View Article

Conservatives must harness Margaret Thatcher’s ideas to save Britain from a Corbyn government, party grandees warn

“Conservatives must harness Margaret Thatcher’s ideas to save Britain from a Corbyn government”, that was message on the Sunday Telegraph front page on 12 November 2017. The piece led on the launch of the Centre for Policy Studies’ New Generation roject which launches 13 November and aims to promote debate and discussion by the 2015… View Article

We must show how Tory principles can make today’s Britain a better place – Lord Saatchi and Graham Brady MP

The Conservatives need to face the challenges of the 21st century with the same ‘zealous spirit’ as Margaret Thatcher in order to defeat Jeremy Corbyn, write Maurice Saatchi and Graham Brady MP, Chairman and Deputy Chairman of the Centre for Policy Studies, in the Sunday Telegraph 12 November 2017. The piece comes ahead of the… View Article

Britain needs more robots, not fewer – Daniel Mahoney

Daniel Mahoney joined BBC Radio Scotland’s Gary Robertson to talk about the latest CPS report, Why Britain Needs More Robots.   

CPS says Britain needs more robots

Jeremy Corbyn wants companies that profit from replacing humans with robots to pay more tax, believing that automation presents a threat to workers. This proposed “robot tax” is superficially convincing. However, a new report from the Centre for Policy Studies – Why Britain Needs More Robots – argues that it would impede productivity growth, depress wage growth,… View Article

CPS responds to MPC decision to raise interest rates

Daniel Mahoney, Head of Economic Research at the Centre for Policy Studies, said: “Today’s rate increase is a welcome step in addressing the problems associated with an unprecedented period of rock-bottom interest rates. Years of ultra-loose monetary policy have held back UK productivity by encouraging a misallocation of resources, sustaining zombie firms and helping inflate… View Article

Right to Buy still has a place in our housing policy – Daniel Mahoney

Is ‘Right to Buy’ still working as a policy? That was the question posed to Daniel Mahoney, Head of Economic Research at the Centre for Policy Studies, by Adam Boulton as they met to discuss the policy on Sky News, Monday 30 October 2017. Daniel was debating the issue with Tom Copley, Labour’s housing spokesman… View Article

Our reliance on energy imports is storing up trouble

Juliet Samuel writes in The Telegraph today, 24 OCtober 2017, on the dangers of increasing electricity imports instead of increasing domestic capacity. Samuel draws on the CPS report, ‘The Hidden Wiring’ by Tony Lodge and Daniel Mahoney, which highlights the government’s quiet abandoning of previous pledges to build more electricity geneators in Britain and instead purchasing more… View Article

Increasing electricity imports from Europe puts Britain’s supply at risk, think tank warns

Tony Lodge, author of a new report on Britain’s energy supply, is quoted by City AM today, Monday 23 October, arguing the government’s apparent change of policy will damage the country. ‘The Hidden Wiring’, written by Lodge and Daniel Mahoney, sets out how the government has seemingly abandoned it’s commitment to generating more electricity at… View Article

Daniel Mahoney on TalkRadio, discussing the effect of the pensions triple lock

Daniel Mahoney joined John Nicolson’s TalkRadio show to discuss his latest paper “Did Clegg create the conditions for Corbyn?  

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