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Calming the chaos: how can we fix Britain’s energy market problems?

  Calming the chaos: how can we fix Britain’s energy market problems? with   John Penrose, MP for Weston-super-Mare and Prime Minister’s Anti-Corruption Champion Sam Dumitriu, Research Director – The Entrepreneurs Network Tim Lord, Senior Fellow for Net Zero – Tony Blair Institute for Global Change Audrey Gallacher, Deputy Chief Executive and Director of Policy –… View Article

Getting to Net Zero: Financing the Future

  Getting to Net Zero event series Financing the Future – the role of financial services in getting the economy to Net Zero in partnership with Aviva with Guy Opperman MP, Minister for Pensions and Financial Inclusion Catherine Howarth, CEO, ShareAction Thomas Tayler, Senior Manager, Aviva Investors Sustainable Finance Centre for Excellence Dr Gerard Lyons, Chief Strategist – Netwealth and Advisory Board… View Article

Margaret Thatcher Conference on Trade

The Margaret Thatcher Conference on Trade was hosted on Monday 22nd November 2021 at the Guildhall, in partnership with the City of London Corporation, HSBC and The Telegraph. We were delighted to welcome a host of fantastic speakers including Trade Secretary Anne-Marie Trevelyan MP, Lord Frost, Lord Mandelson, Sir Vince Cable, Ambassador Susan Schwabb, Crawford… View Article

Getting to Net Zero

There will be a series of webinars throughout the Autumn delving into the specifics of the Net Zero challenge across the key industries of transport, energy, buildings, and financial services.

Conservative Party Conference 2021

The Centre for Policy Studies is delighted to be back in person in Manchester for this year’s Conservative Party Conference. We look forward to you joining us for our exciting programme of events in our dedicated space at the heart of the secure zone.

Rewiring the State with Kyriakos Pierrakakis

  Rewiring the state: data, connectivity, and government in the digital age with Kyriakos Pierrakakis, Minister of Digital Governance of Greece Matt Warman MP, Former Minister for Digital Infrastructure Priya Lakhani OBE, Founder & CEO – CENTURY Tech Dr Cameron Brooks, General Manager Europe Public Sector – Amazon Web Services Robert Colvile, Director – Centre for Policy Studies (Chair)… View Article

CapX Live with Alex Deane

In his new book Lessons from History, author and political commentator Alex Deane shines a light on the less-known characters who have helped shape our history, from the original Die Hards, to crown jewel thieves, self-medicating generals and a Countess who scandalised society.

CapX Live with Marie Le Conte

We are delighted to welcome Marie Le Conte to our next CapX Live event and first event back in person in over a year! Marie will be in conversation with our editor, John Ashmore, on Tuesday 27th July 2021 at 17.30.

Clean Free Trade: Championing free trade, economic growth and the environment

How the UK can link its environmental goals with a liberalised trade policy is still up for discussion, and while many remain convinced the two are mutually exclusive ends, clean free trade can offer a cost-effective and economically beneficial pathway to meeting global environmental goals as well as a compelling global leadership opportunity for the UK.

The New Language of Politics

How should the politicians speak to their voters in the most effective way? What issues matter the most to the British public?Join Dr Frank Luntz as he discusses the findings of his landmark research into the language of British politics with Prof Niall Ferguson.

CapX Live with Prof. Niall Ferguson

From the eruption of Vesuvius to the Chernobyl meltdown, human history has always been punctuated by catastrophes – some natural, others very much man-made. In his new book Doom: The Politics of Catastrophe, world-renowned historian Prof. Niall Ferguson argues that far from being “unprecedented”, the response to Covid-19 exhibits the same political and social pathologies that have shaped… View Article

CapX Live with Adrian Wooldridge

Download the attached file CapX Live with Adrian Wooldridge, Political Editor and author of the Bagehot column – The Economist It may seem uncontroversial to a modern audience, but meritocracy – the idea that one succeeds thanks to their own talents and effort – is a truly revolutionary idea. Today, however, the meritocratic idea is in… View Article

The Case for a Carbon Border Tax

The Case for a Carbon Border Tax a speech bythe Rt Hon Dr Liam Fox MP, former Secretary of State for International Trade Ahead of the G7 in Cornwall which will focus on the fight against climate change on a global scale, the Rt Hon Dr Liam Fox will deliver a landmark speech on how the… View Article

Data Sovereignty: what approach should the UK take?

The question of who owns data, how it is governed and how it should flow between borders is a growing international issue. In a world where exponentially growing amounts of data need to be captured, stored, and analysed at all times, there are important concerns over its protection, use, and how to ensure value can be derived. As the world’s major economies begin to regulate their data landscapes, one of the key challenges is how to ensure that data created within nation states can be effectively utilised to the benefit of businesses, citizens and Governments alike. What approach should policy makers take to this increasingly important asset and how should it be governed?

Fraser Nelson in conversation with Dr Frank Luntz

The event will mark the beginning of Dr Luntz’s time at the CPS, during which he will be working on a major project to explore how the language of UK and US politics has shifted in recent years, and how to address the decline in trust in democracy, the economy and technology on both sides of the Atlantic.

CapX Live with Tom Chivers

CapX Live with Tom Chivers, author and Science Editor – UnHerd The pandemic has seen numbers and data come to the forefront of our lives – how many jabs have been delivered? What are the risks of vaccination? Where’s the R number? But many of us still don’t understand what the figures mean – or… View Article

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