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Business is the wealth generator of the UK, and small and family businesses are the often neglected heart of the UK economy, with family businesses alone employing nearly four in ten of the UK’s workforce. We propose ways to make the UK an economy all businesses can thrive in.

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Britain is Taxed Enough Already

Tim Knox - Economy

Higher taxes are not the solution to the challenges facing the UK economy.

Auto-protection at 55

Michael Johnson - Economy

Leading pensions expert Michael Johnson urges the Government to implement radical reform in order to avoid an impending crisis.

The Shrinking Case for a Mansion Tax

Lucian Cook - Economy

Any case for a Mansion Tax is now redundant as recent tax reforms have significantly increased the tax burden on higher value properties.

Welfare Dependency and the Size of the State

Adam Memon - Economy

Under Labour’s plans 750,000 more households could be in welfare dependency by 2020.

Estimating the Employment Effects of Labour’s Corporation Tax Policy

Adam Memon - Economy

If the Labour Party wins the General Election, it has pledged to increase the main rate of corporation tax. Our model estimates that, other things being equal, a rising corporation tax would lead to a reduction in total employment of 96,400 by 2018/19 compared to the OBR’s estimates of employment under the Government’s plans.

Deteriorating Energy Security: Why MPs Should Save Fracking

Tim Knox - Energy

An amendment to the Infrastructure Bill introduced today would effectively ban fracking on environmental grounds. If this amendment is passed it would reduce energy security and would be a disgraceful failure duty by MPs who are supposed to defend Britain’s economic well-being.

What Price Localism? A Case Study of the LGPS

Michael Johnson - Economy

Without structural change, the Local Government Pension Scheme is in terminal decline.

The Autumn Statement: What lies Beneath?

Tim Knox - Economy

Colossal? Maybe. Essential? Yes.

Jam Tomorrow

Tim Knox - Economy

The Chancellor’s Autumn Statement speech today outlined a number of welcome changes as well as a lot of tinkering.

11 things the CPS wants to see in the Autumn Statement

Tim Knox - Economy

The Chancellor should take the opportunity in his Autumn Statement speech on Wednesday to outline a series of proposals which are all cost neutral (at worst), which will boost underlying growth and which will continue to reform public services

Mind the Skills Gap

Adam Memon - Economy

Britain must boost its skills if wages are to increase – says Adam Memon, Head of Economic Research at the Centre for Policy Studies.

The Airbnb Economy: A Battle Britain Must Win

Tim Knox - Economy

Britain can be a global hub for peer to peer markets.

Pink Planning – diluting the red tape

Keith Boyfield - Economy

Leading economist Keith Boyfield, together with top public lawyer Daniel Greenberg, propose a simple solution to Britain’s planning problem.

Ed Miliband must get serious about labour market reform


If Britain’s employment success is to continue, politicians of all stripes must learn from Germany’s successful labour market reforms.

Why the Bank of England with be Wrong Again on Wages

Tim Knox - Economy

At the beginning of the year the Bank of England expected a return to real wage growth. The Governor of the Bank of England now forecasts that wages will grow in real terms by mid-2015. Is the BoE forecast reasonable?

NICs: The End Should Be Nigh

Michael Johnson - Economy

National Insurance Fund exhaustion could occur as soon as next year warns Michael Johnson.

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65 - 80 of 375 Research articles