Business, jobs and growth

Business is the wealth generator of the UK, and small and family businesses are the often neglected heart of the UK economy, with family businesses alone employing nearly four in ten of the UK’s workforce. We propose ways to make the UK an economy all businesses can thrive in.

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Why every serious environmentalist should favour fracking

Richard A. Muller - Energy

Both global warming and air pollution can be mitigated by the responsible development and utilisation of shale gas.

Ease the Squeeze: tax cutting priorities in an age of austerity

Dominic Raab MP - Economy

Dominic Raab MP calls for a strategic pledge to cut the overall tax burden in the 2015-20 Parliament.

Autumn Statement 2012 Briefing Note: Paint the Big Picture, George

Tim Knox - Economy

In an Autumn Statement briefing note, Ryan Bourne and Tim Knox provide some advice for the Chancellor with 16 Recommendations.

Costly and Ineffective: Why Pension Tax Reliefs Should be Reformed

Michael Johnson - Economy

Costly and Ineffective: Why Pension Tax Reliefs Should be Reformed

The Local Government Pension Scheme: opportunity knocks

Michael Johnson - Economy

Leading pensions analyst Michael Johnson on the failure of governance in the local government pension scheme.

Aggregation is the key

Michael Johnson - Economy

Automatic consolidation of pension pots and other retirement savings would help deliver economies of scale to the individual, leading to higher incomes in retirement, greater customer control over their own assets & lower welfare costs.

Double up on Heathrow

Jock Lowe - Economy

A simple privately funded, affordable and achievable solution.

The Tobin Tax rears its ugly head, again

John Chown - Economy

John Chown shows how, despite the fact that the original proposals for an EU-wide FTT were successfully vetoed by the British Prime Minister in 2011, similar proposals are now being implemented by the European Commission in eleven Member States under a process known as the Enhanced Cooperation Procedure.

Take the Long View

Tim Knox - Economy

The Coalition has replaced its original deficit reduction plan with a “protection of government spending plans plan”, write Ryan Bourne and Tim Knox.

Masking the Symptoms

Ewen Stewart - Economy

Ewen Stewart, a leading bond and equity analyst, investigates whether current UK monetary and fiscal policies are sustainable in in Masking the Symptoms: why QE and huge deficits are not the cure.

Capitalism for the Little Guy

Dominic Raab MP - Economy

Dominic Raab MP sets out ten ways in which more competition can widen consumer choice and reduce costs in five key sectors: energy, water, retail banking, schools and health

A Toxic Tangle

Michael Johnson - Economy

Leading pensions analyst Michael Johnson explains why the future cost of public service pensions could be as much as £41 billion a year.

Estonia: A Case Study

Ryan Bourne - Economy

Ryan Bourne writes of how Estonia provides a clear case-study of a country which has successfully embraced austerity and seen a return to sustainable economic growth.

Some questions on the mansion tax

Tim Knox - Economy

A new briefing note published today by the Centre for Policy Studies highlights many of the inherent flaws in proposals for a Mansion Tax.

The case against CGT

Howard Flight - Economy

CGT is a damaging tax, and the current high top rate is likely to be undermining our economic recovery, reveals a new Centre for Policy Studies Pointmaker The case against CGT by Howard Flight and Oliver Latham.

Turning the Tide: the UK’s improving competitiveness

Tim Knox - Economy

On each of the three main international surveys of UK competitiveness, the UK has improved its ranking since 2010. This is after a period of significant decline between 1997 and 2010.

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97 - 112 of 375 Research articles