11 things the CPS wants to see in the Autumn Statement

Despite the recovering economy, the upcoming Autumn Statement is set within the context of ailing labour productivity and slowing deficit reduction. The Chancellor should take the opportunity in his Autumn Statement speech on Wednesday to outline a series of proposals which will boost underlying growth and continue to reform public services.

The Centre for Policy Studies lists eleven policies we would like the Chancellor to deliver:

1. Abolish Corporation Tax and Capital Gains Tax on Small Companies

2. Scrap the National Insurance system and introduce an Earnings Tax

3. Deliver a Grand Bargain on National Roaming

4. Enact Radical Childcare Reform

5. Introduce Education Savings Plans

6. Boost skills development

7. Invigorate the patent system

8. Initiate Annual Healthcare Statements

9. Introduce a Lifetime ISA

10. Create Pink Zones in the planning system

11. Embark on a new programme of privatisation

Click here to read the proposals in full.

Tim Knox, Adam Memon - Monday, 1st December, 2014