Business and enterprise

Business is the wealth generator of the UK, and small and family businesses are the often neglected heart of the UK economy, with family businesses alone employing nearly four in ten of the UK’s workforce. We propose ways to make the UK an economy all businesses can thrive in.

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Mission Accomplished?

Robert Colvile - Economy

Robert Colvile and Daniel Mahoney warn Philip Hammond not let recent economic figures tempt him into ending austerity, the Chancellor has no room for complacency.

The Cost of Nationalisation

Daniel Mahoney - Economy

Labour’s nationalisation agenda could cost the government £176bn, or £6,500 for every household, concludes research by the Centre for Policy Studies.

A New Era for Retail Bonds

Rishi Sunak MP - Economy

Rishi Sunak MP calls for the Government to back the creation of a new exchange for SME bonds aimed at everyday savers.

The Hidden Wiring

Tony Lodge - Energy

The government is quietly risking the UK’s electricity supply by abandoning plans to increase capacity at home, instead turning to imports.

Venezuela – No Room for Apologists

Daniel Mahoney - Economy

Many on the left of British politics celebrate Chavez’s reforms and say Venezuela offers “a better way of doing things”. This report shows that there is no excuse for Venezuela’s defenders: the evidence is clear, the reforms were damaging

Helping JAMs without breaking the bank

Daniel Mahoney - Economy

Proposals to help ordinary working families that won’t break the bank for the Chancellor

The Kindness of Strangers

Brian Sturgess - Economy

The Bank of England must stop ‘depending on kindness of strangers’ to bolster the UK economy.

Grade B for Hammond’s last Autumn Statement

Daniel Mahoney - Economy

Daniel Mahoney and Tim Knox provide a detailed examination of the UK final Autumn Statement.

The Free Ports Opportunity

Rishi Sunak MP - Economy

Brexit provides a new trade opportunity for Britain: the creation of Free Ports, writes Rishi Sunak MP.

Are We Heading for Blackout Britain?

Daniel Mahoney - Energy

Earlier this month a ‘perfect storm’ of circumstances caused electricity prices to rise to record highs with National Grid close issuing an emergency ‘Notice of Insufficient Margin’ to call on extra power.

The City Boys are Here to Stay

Daniel Mahoney - Economy

The UK’s strengths will mean that London continues to be Europe’s leading financial services centre.

Scotland: Could it become Greece without the sun?

Tim Knox - Economy

Scottish independence would entail significant economic risk. Scotland’s budget deficit is currently over three times higher than the UK average as a % of GDP.

The Great Overtake

Daniel Mahoney - Economy

The OECD forecasts that the UK’s GDP is expected to surpass Germany in the mid 2030s.

How to Sell the Family Silver: Ignore the Banks

John Chown - Economy

John Chown explains how the Government can fairly and efficiently sell the remaining bank shares without losing millions of pounds in the process.

Are the doommongers right about the UK economy?

Daniel Mahoney - Economy

Which is the greater economic risk: an impending recession or missing borrowing forecasts?

99p petrol will not last forever

Daniel Mahoney - Energy

The current low price of oil is unsustainable for oil producing nations. The government must act now to ensure shale gas can fill the UK energy gap.

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17 - 32 of 364 Research articles