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CPS says Britain needs more robots

Jeremy Corbyn wants companies that profit from replacing humans with robots to pay more tax, believing that automation presents a threat to workers. This proposed “robot tax” is superficially convincing. However, a new report from the Centre for Policy Studies – Why Britain Needs More Robots – argues that it would impede productivity growth, depress wage growth,… View Article

CPS responds to MPC decision to raise interest rates

Daniel Mahoney, Head of Economic Research at the Centre for Policy Studies, said: “Today’s rate increase is a welcome step in addressing the problems associated with an unprecedented period of rock-bottom interest rates. Years of ultra-loose monetary policy have held back UK productivity by encouraging a misallocation of resources, sustaining zombie firms and helping inflate… View Article

Is Nick Clegg’s triple lock behind the rise of Corbyn?

The Liberal Democrats insisted on the triple-lock for state pensions being part of the Coalition Agreement back in 2010, suggested it would only cost £50m per year. 7 years later, it is costing the government over £8bn and ensuring the necessary task of curtailing the UK’s spiraling welfare budget fell mainly on the working age… View Article

Triple lock on pensions drove young voters to Labour

According to Rupert Harrison, George Osborne’s former special adviser, the triple lock on pensions was a Liberal Democrat demand for the Coalition agreement in 2010, which was accepted by the Conservatives on the basis that it would just cost £50m. The triple lock has meant that the state pension has been increased by the highest… View Article

Robert Halfon to call for a ladder of opportunity

Robert Halfon MP, chair of the House of Commons Education Select Committee, will call on the Conservative Party to create ‘a ladder of opportunity’ for low-income voters in a speech to the 1900 Club & Centre for Policy Studies on Monday evening, 9 October 2017. He will set out plans to strengthen the Conservative Party’s historic links… View Article

Leadership Change at the Centre for Policy Studies

The Centre for Policy Studies, the leading UK think tank, has announced the departure of Tim Knox as Director and the appointment of Robert Colvile as Acting Director. During his six years as Director, Tim Knox has kept the Centre for Policy Studies at the heart of the British political debate, overseeing pioneering work on… View Article

The Medico-Legal Crisis and How to Solve It

The NHS’ liabilities for medico-legal claims now total £65bn, draining the NHS of much-needed funds and putting patients at risk by driving GPs out of practice concludes Dr Paul Goldsmith, Consultant Neurologist and policy strategist, in his report “The Medico-Legal Crisis and How to Solve It”published Friday 6 October by the Centre for Policy Studies. The… View Article

Strength from Openness: The Australian High Commissioner on the lessons for the UK of Australia’s successful free trade policy

STRENGTH FROM OPENNESS The Australian High Commissioner on the lessons for the UK of Australia’s successful free trade policy The UK is the “ideal place from which to pursue the kind of open, liberal trade and investment policy that has served Australia well in recent decades… As one of the UK’s closest friends, we offer… View Article

Government must do more to protect the public from strikes

Strikes in the essential services are banned in most major Western economies – but not in the UK. With co-ordinated strike action now being threatened by public sector unions, the Government should consider amending the Trade Union Act 2016 to further protect the public from the damage done by strike action writes Nicholas Finney in Strikes… View Article

MPs right to debate Venezuela, there is no room for apologists

The Centre for Policy Studies welcomes the debate on the current instability in Venezuela, held yesterday in Westminster Hall. Jeremy Corbyn has described Venezuela as “a better way of doing things” – pointing to the fall in poverty rates under Hugo Chavez – but “Venezuela – No Room for Apologists”, published by the Centre for Policy Studies… View Article

CPS responds to official figures showing more disadvantaged students are going to university

The Department for Education yesterday, Thursday 3 August 2017, released their annual statistics on young people’s participation in higher education, including their social background. Analysis by the Centre for Policy Studies shows that rather than being put off by higher tuition fees, the number of students from disadvantaged backgrounds going to university has increased. The report further highlights… View Article

Rail competition brings benefits for passengers

Commenting on the publication on the National Rail Passenger Survey, Tony Lodge, research fellow at the Centre for Policy Studies, said: “Today’s national rail passenger survey shows that when train companies compete on the same track they come top on overall satisfaction, value for money, punctuality and getting a seat.  On the East Coast Main Line Hull… View Article

Public sector pay rises should not come from ending austerity – CPS

Recent weeks have seen the issue of the public sector pay cap re-surface and several Cabinet members have suggested they would be open to taking another look at the topic. However, research by the Centre for Policy Studies, published Thursday 13 July 2017, suggests the government should not abandon its deficit reduction targets or make… View Article

Matt Ridley: The Case for Free-Market Anti-Capitalism

In the 2017 Keith Joseph Lecture, to be delivered to the Centre for Policy Studies on Tuesday evening 11 July 2017, Matt Ridley, author of The Rational Optimist and The Evolution of Everything, will argue for what he calls “free-market anticapitalism”. Lord Ridley will make the case that commerce is a subversive, not a reactionary… View Article

Kissinger opens conference on global security

Dr Henry Kissinger is to give the keynote speech at a conference on global security in London on Tuesday 27 June. Other speakers include Defence Secretary Michael Fallon, Prince Turki Al Faisal (Saudi Arabia), HE Omar Ghobash (UAE), Senator Joe Liberman, Moshe Ya’alon (Israel), former NATO chief Lord Robertson, former director of GCHQ Richard Hannigan… View Article

UK’s budget deficit to last a quarter of a century

It has been reported that the Conservative Party plans to achieve a budget surplus by 2025. The Centre for Policy Studies has provided an analysis of the changing borrowing forecasts. Key points In 2010-11, the Coalition Government pledged to eliminate the cyclically adjusted current budget deficit by 2014-15. Public sector net borrowing was planned to reach 2.1% of GDP by 2014-15…. View Article

161 - 176 of 176 Search results