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UK – Australia free trade deal knocks protectionists for six

Welcoming the news that the United Kingdom has signed a free trade deal with Australia, Centre for Policy Studies Research Fellow Nick King said: “The UK-AUS free trade deal is excellent news for British business and consumers, opening new export markets abroad and lowering prices for consumers at home. The government have done well to ignore… View Article

CPS welcomes taper rate cut but warns on spending and growth

The Centre for Policy Studies think tank welcomed the Government’s decision to cut taxes for the working poor by reducing the Universal Credit taper rate – a flagship CPS policy.

Ministers urged to create 250,000 new homes for `heroes´ of the pandemic

The Government is being urged to create 250,000 new homes for key workers as a reward for their efforts during the pandemic. The Centre for Policy Studies – a centre-right think tank – has called on ministers to set aside land for a new class of “homes for heroes”.

Social care tax will reduce take home pay and hold back wage growth

The Government should be praised for having the courage to grasp the nettle on this issue. There are no perfect options here – but that said, it is disappointing that ministers have chosen to stick with the Dilnot model, which entrenches housing inequalities, rather than the state pension model proposed by the CPS and Damian Green MP.

New analysis of NHS integration model finds no evidence it is improving outcomes

The Government is embarking on the most significant NHS reforms for a decade, with the aim of improving collaboration and integration across health and social care.

CPS welcomes Government’s embrace of hydrogen for transport

Hydrogen will be crucial to achieving a Net Zero economy, and it’s encouraging to see the Government recognise the important role it has to play.

Government’s Transport Decarbonisation Plan misses chance to test road pricing

Responding to the Government’s Transport Decarbonisation Plan, published today, Eamonn Ives, CPS Head of Energy and Environment, said: ‘The Transport Decarbonisation Plan was a great opportunity to drive forward the Government’s Net Zero mission. Some of its policies were certainly welcome, and have been long-standing CPS policy proposals. The promised consultation on reforming the Bus… View Article

CPS publishes landmark survey by Dr Frank Luntz on politics, economics and culture wars

What does Britain really think? Dr Luntz, a Visiting Academic Fellow at the think tank, has conducted one of the most extensive polling exercises yet seen, uncovering the public’s sentiments on language and values.

Former CEO of Innovate Finance joins CPS Board of Directors

Former CEO of Innovate Finance joins CPS Board of Directors

Rail reforms must not dilute competition, warns CPS

The Government is right to pursue more flexible ticketing policies, especially in the light of the pandemic.

Parliament must determine what is and isn’t permitted, not Ofcom or media platforms

‘It is clear the Government is making a genuine attempt to improve safety online, while trying to avoid curbing freedom of expression, and we welcome some of the steps taken to restrict the scope of who this legislation will apply to.

Dr Frank Luntz joins CPS as Visiting Academic Fellow

The Centre for Policy Studies is delighted to announce that Dr Frank Luntz, the leading American pollster and political strategist, will be joining the think tank as a Visiting Academic Fellow this summer

ONS Public Spending figures show the focus must now be on how to stimulate growth

Responding to this morning’s ONS figures – which show borrowing has reached the highest level since WW2 – Robert Colvile, Director of the Centre for Policy Studies

Planning reform must focus on delivery and role of SMEs to solve the housing crisis

New CPS report argues that SMEs need to play a much greater role in the sector, including getting priority when public sector land is sold for housing.

The Chancellor’s corporation tax increase will hit UK competitiveness rating

The planned rise in corporation tax to 25% will give the UK one of the least competitive tax systems in the OECD In the 2020 edition of the International Tax Competitiveness Index, the UK ranked 22nd out of 36 OECD countries Raising the tax rate in 2023, just as the investment super-deduction ends, will make… View Article

The CPS welcomes Budget focus on free ports, full expensing, but warns of long-term growth challenge.

Responding to the Chancellor’s Budget statement, the Centre for Policy Studies, the leading centre-right think tank, welcomes Rishi Sunak’s plan for a business-led recovery, but urges him to do more to increase growth in the long term. Robert Colvile, CPS Director, said: ‘The combination of business rate reductions, investment incentives and other measures should help business… View Article

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