UK - Australia free trade deal knocks protectionists for six

Welcoming the news that the United Kingdom has signed a free trade deal with Australia, Centre for Policy Studies Research Fellow Nick King said:

“The UK-AUS free trade deal is excellent news for British business and consumers, opening new export markets abroad and lowering prices for consumers at home. The government have done well to ignore the protectionists and come out with a win-win.

The deal does not lower standards or expose British business to ‘unfair competition’. Instead, it reduces barriers to trade, giving more market access to our businesses and more choice to our consumers.

Off the cricket pitch, Australia is one of the United Kingdom’s most important allies – signing the first entirely new post-Brexit trade deal with them is a wise move. As negotiations with New Zealand and the CPTPP continue it is clear that this government is making good on its promise to use Brexit to sign the free trade deals of the future.”

Date Added: Friday 17th December 2021