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CPS proposes major new tax reforms to make work pay

New CPS report proposes £1,000-a-month ‘Universal Working Income’ to boost take-home pay and help ‘just about managings’ ‘Work Guarantee’ should see everyone keep at least 51p in every extra £1 they earn Universal Credit taper rate should be cut from 63p to 50p to incentivise work Polling by YouGov shows huge popularity of this agenda… View Article

CPS welcomes Prime Minister to mark the launch of major new policy programme

On Monday 5th November the Prime Minister will join the Centre for Policy Studies (CPS) at an event to mark the launch of its major new policy programme. The programme – part of the CPS’s mission to develop a new generation of conservative thinking – will focus on tax, welfare, business and housing, with significant policies… View Article

CPS responds to Autumn Budget

Robert Colvile, Director of the Centre for Policy Studies, said: “Today’s Budget’s was billed as representing an end to austerity – and the Chancellor certainly had plenty of unexpected goodies in his sack. “It is significant that the Chancellor recognised that the cost of living is now a tax issue. Over the summer the CPS… View Article

How to turbo-charge home ownership via capital gains tax rebates

The Centre for Policy Studies is publishing on Monday a comprehensive report on how to significantly increase home ownership at no cost to the Treasury, by giving tenants and landlords a rebate when a rented property is sold by the landlord to a sitting tenant.  The report, which has been shared with key stakeholders including… View Article

New CPS polling shows voters want more houses, lower house prices

New polling by ComRes for the Centre for Policy Studies, carried out to measure the impact of the housing crisis on public attitudes, confirms that Britain has switched from being anti-housing to pro. The survey of 2,036 adults confirmed the shift detected by the British Social Attitudes Survey over the past six years: voters now… View Article

CPS joins US-UK think tanks to draft ideal free trade agreement

 11 UK & US Think Tanks Produce Ideal Free Trade Agreement  11 Think Tanks in US and UK draft the legal text of an Ideal Free Trade Agreement; Simultaneous launches in the UK and US stress political and commercial will of securing a deal between world’s largest and 5th largest economies; Key policy innovations include:… View Article

Tories must welcome innovators to ‘reinvigorate capitalism’ says minister

Sam Gyimah MP, Minister of State of Universities, Science, Research, and Innovation, will call on the Conservative Party to “reinvigorate capitalism” by taking advantage of Britain’s position as a “global beacon of excellence” as it exits the EU. In a speech to the Centre for Policy Studies, Gyimah will attack recent announcements from Jeremy Corbyn… View Article

Government must reform pensions tax relief to broaden Britain’s savings base

FIGURES SHOW UK HOUSEHOLD SAVINGS RATIO HAS HIT RECORD LOW Britain’s household savings ratio has plummeted to 4.9%, the lowest since records began in 1963. With savings rates falling and the top 1% of earners receiving double the pensions tax relief of half the working population, the time has come to reform the system. The… View Article

Being a Tory on tax shows you have brains — and the boffins can prove it

CPS Director Robert Colvile writes for the Sunday Times on the correlation between IQ and economic conservatism ‘…Yet the other new study — by Gary Lewis and Timothy Bates, psychologists at Royal Holloway in London, and Edinburgh — not only backs up his conclusions, but makes the causation much more clear. Its central finding is… View Article

Toby Young: Only selection can save Britain’s technical and vocational education system

Across British politics, there is a recognition that technical and vocational education has been badly neglected. The Government has recently made this one of its core priorities, via the introduction of T-levels for students aged 16 and over and new Institutes of Technology. This is particularly urgent, given our imminent departure from the European Union…. View Article

More than two million households support the elimination of mandatory deposits for renters

Think tank calls for alternative to help Generation Rent Polling by YouGov has shown that 43% of renters would support a system of deposit replacement insurance with a small cost rather than the current system of tenants paying large upfront deposits. A new report published by the Centre for Policy Studies finds the average renter… View Article

Royal Mail pensions plans “a risk too far” says Johnson

Royal Mail plans to offers its employees a Collective Defined Contribution (CDC) pensions scheme risk undermining recently-gained pensions freedoms. ‘A Risk Too Far’, published today by the Centre for Policy Studies, also cautions against CDC schemes because of the system risks creating irreversible intergenerational injustice by overpaying pensioners at the expense of current and future… View Article

Democratic crisis requires urgent action

Laws covering both political campaigning and the structure and transparency of government must be changed to restore public faith in democracy, a new report from the Centre for Policy Studies argues today. With a foreword by the Rt Hon David Lidington, and being launched tonight by the Rt Hon Damian Green MP and Chloe Smith… View Article

New polling shows crisis of faith in democracy

A new report by Matt Warman MP, ‘Who Governs Britain?’, sheds light on the huge disconnect between the public and the political system. With a maximum of only 9% of Britons placing significant faith in any layer of government to do the right thing by them, this is truly a crisis of confidence in our… View Article

NHS pay system not fit for purpose

A new report by the Centre for Policy Studies examining the pay structure of the NHS argues that the current system is failing both staff and patients. The NHS as a whole employs approximately 1.7 million people making it, famously, the fifth biggest employer on the planet. Almost two thirds of its budget goes towards… View Article

Think tank launches drive to save taxpayers billions

Following the launch of ‘New Blue: Ideas for a New Generation’, the Centre for Policy Studies has called on MPs to help the Treasury save taxpayers billions of pounds ahead of the next Budget. Last week, the Government announced £20bn further investment in the NHS by 2023/24. In order to balance the books, cutting wasteful… View Article

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