Think tank launches drive to save taxpayers billions

Following the launch of ‘New Blue: Ideas for a New Generation’, the Centre for Policy Studies has called on MPs to help the Treasury save taxpayers billions of pounds ahead of the next Budget.

Last week, the Government announced £20bn further investment in the NHS by 2023/24. In order to balance the books, cutting wasteful or low-value areas of spend will be essential if Conservatives are to remain the party of economic responsibility, get debt down and keep taxes low.

So the think tank is inviting all Conservative MPs and other interested parties to put forward savings proposals they believe could save the taxpayer much-needed cash.

The initiative has received the backing of Liz Truss MP, Chief Secretary to the Treasury, who is responsible for public spending. Truss said at a speech on Tuesday on fiscal responsibility:

“Balancing the books and getting debt down is essential to our economic success. Instead of Labour’s fantasy finances which would cause a run on the pound, we need a balanced approach with a war on waste to help get debt down and keep taxes low.
“So I welcome this new CPS initiative. Ensuring each penny is well spent is our duty to taxpayers, keeps our economy strong, and means we can invest more in vital front line services like the NHS.”

She added:

“I want to applaud the work Robert Colvile and the CPS are doing. The flourishing of new ideas we’ve seen in recent months from think tanks, party members and MPs is really energising our party.
“While Labour is busy purging dissenters, we’re producing the ideas that will transform the country for a new generation.”

MPs have been invited to a series of meetings over summer to discuss their proposals, the best of which will be developed further by the CPS and published in a report launched at Conservative Party Conference.


For further information, or to book Centre for Policy Studies spokesmen, please contact the Centre for Policy Studies Press Office on 07876 161196 or email [email protected]

Notes to Editors

  • The Centre for Policy Studies is one of Britain’s leading think tanks, and the home of a new generation of conservative thinking. Our mission is to widen enterprise, ownership and prosperity
  • ‘New Generation’ is the Centre for Policy Studies’ flagship programme, promoting fresh policy ideas from MPs from the 2015 and 2017 parliamentary intakes, among other new voices. Full details are available on the CPS website.
  • Interested parties who wish to submit a savings proposal should email [email protected]

Date Added: Wednesday 27th June 2018