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Social care ‘should be transformed into pension-style system’, says report

The social care system should be reformed so people pay for what they want while the state covers what they need, according to a new report. The Centre for Policy Studies (CPS) think tank said a system where the state guarantees a reasonable level of care and accommodation, with individuals encouraged to top up their provision beyond that… View Article

Demolish the old high street to rebuild the new

Even before the pandemic, the health of our high streets was in decline. Town centres were pockmarked by empty shops. Restaurant chains were finding it hard to stay afloat. Online shopping was attracting an ever greater share of consumer spending. But coronavirus has turned a trend into a fact. Years of behavioural change have been compressed… View Article

Global Britain urged to open doors for developing world

In a new report, James Sproule calls on Mr Johnson to allow a new generation of start-ups to operate within UK company law from abroad – beginning with Commonwealth countries such as Nigeria, Uganda and Zambia. The report, published by the Centre for Policy Studies think tank, says the move would help entrepreneurs in developing countries… View Article

Boris must accept that the people do not want to bail out inner-city London

Nobody yet knows how different the Britain that emerges from the coronavirus crisis will end up being. Yet it is clear that most people who can work from home do not want to return to five days working in cramped city centre offices and long, stressful commutes.   Jethro Elsden writes for the Sunday Telegraph.

Cut National Insurance and VAT to get the economy back on its feet, says former chancellor Sajid Javid

Former chancellor Sajid Javid heaped pressure on successor Rishi Sunak to cut taxes to help Britain recover from coronavirus today as he called for reductions in National Insurance and VAT. Mr Javid, who quit in February after a bruising clash with Boris Johnson and his aide Dominic Cummings, called for a  ‘significant temporary’ reduction in NI to make it cheaper for employers… View Article

Will hydrogen fuel the UK’s net-zero coronavirus comeback?

As the UK begins to take its first cautious steps out of the lockdown that has precipitated the worst economic crisis in modern history, thoughts have inevitably begun to turn to the question of what comes next. For some, the devastation wreaked by the coronavirus pandemic gives the UK a chance to fundamentally reset its… View Article

Builders need £3bn Help to Build scheme to save Britain’s housing market, think tank warns

Housebuilders should be given up to £3bn in short-term grants to prevent a collapse in the supply of new homes, according to a new report. Centre for Policies Studies, a think tank, has called for the urgent stimulus to protect the sector from a lasting impact due to the coronavirus outbreak. It has proposed a… View Article

The business bailout scheme should avoid moral hazard and protect taxpayers

To say this would be a novel approach for the Treasury would be an understatement. But this would hardly be the first break with orthodox Treasury thinking that we’ve seen in recent months – the millions of people currently being paid by the state via the furlough scheme provides an all too obvious example of… View Article

Let hydrogen fuel our vehicles to a greener future

Transport is now the single biggest contributing sector to our country’s greenhouse gas emissions, while at the same time being a primary culprit for polluting our air. Worryingly, it’s also a sector which includes parts of the economy that are some of hardest to decarbonise, which might explain why it has barely reduced its emissions… View Article

We calculate the astronomical cost of the virus as double the sum spent each year on healthcare

The tragedy of 2020 will leave deep scars on our country. Thousands of families across the UK have lost loved ones. Hundreds of thousands more have lost their livelihoods. And we have all lost our most basic freedoms. There are, thankfully, tentative signs that we may have reached the virus’s peak. So thoughts must turn… View Article

Coronavirus: UK government borrowing could top £300bn, says think tank

The centre-right CPS think tank today produced a more up-to-date assessment, saying the total could be £301bn. It said the cost of the support schemes themselves could add £127bn on to borrowing, with £119bn lost due to lower tax receipts and higher welfare payments. However, the CPS cautioned that any predictions in the current climate… View Article

Deficit could hit £300bn this year – report

The Centre for Policy Studies predicts the Treasury will spend £127 billion in direct bailout costs, including the employee furlough scheme which launched on Monday. It forecast a further £119 billion will be spent in indirect costs such as lower tax revenues, using the Office for Budget Responsibility’s (OBR) scenario of a three-month lockdown followed… View Article

The virus has exposed the urgent need to reform how we treat the self-employed

Over the last two decades, the number of self-employed people has increased by 54 per cent and now stands at five million. Nearly one in three of the net jobs created since 2000 have been people becoming their own boss. Now, for every five employees there is one self-employed person. Senior Researcher, James Heywood, writes… View Article

Getting through the Covid-19 pandemic will require markets as well as strong government

Covid-19 is a major shock to our system. With the UK speeding towards lockdown and much of Europe in similar or worse straits, this crisis — as with most crises — is causing people to look to their governments. This is both understandable and necessary. Rishi Sunak’s excellent pledges (and performances) last week reassured tens… View Article

Our economy is being sacrificed because the NHS was unprepared for a pandemic

In the war with Covid-19, NHS staff are on the front line. The last few weeks have been a stark and sudden reminder that their jobs are not like ours: while the rest of us huddle in our bedrooms, they are risking their own and their families’ lives and health on our collective behalf. Yet… View Article

Carbon offshoring poses competition risk for UK firms

As well as overstating the UK’s performance on climate change, the CPS argues the practice also discriminates against UK companies which are subject to climate levies, planning and regulatory hurdles that their competitors overseas do not have to face, such as the Carbon Price Floor which taxes emissions. The CPS said a new carbon tax… View Article

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