Electric cars would 'remain significantly cheaper' than petrol under new car tax plans

Electric cars would ‘remain significantly cheaper’ than petrol under new car tax plans, says the Daily Express.

Reporting on the latest CPS publication, ‘The Future of Driving’, the paper spoke to Colin Walker, transport analyst at the Energy and Climate Intelligence Unit, analysed the report and commented on what it would mean for drivers.

He said: “Under a pay-as-you-drive system, EVs will remain significantly cheaper to run than petrol cars. If an electric Nissan Leaf driver paid the equivalent fuel duty cost, which is about 5p per mile, of a similar petrol model car like the Nissan Juke, it would still be more than £500 a year cheaper to run.”

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The report was also covered by City A.M., Top Gear magazine, and dozens of local newspapers across the country.

Date Added: Friday 26th May 2023