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Teachers’ strike could see all but most vulnerable children sent home

As three education unions ballot members on strike action, CPS Head of Education Mark Lehain warns that strikes could “undermine” teachers’ work. In an article in the Daily Telegraph, Mark said he was concerned strikes could damage the profession and the wellbeing of students, saying “I would be urging everyone working in schools to think… View Article

Firms helping staff with long-term health issues could receive tax breaks

Comments made by employment minister Guy Opperman MP at a CPS event made headlines in the Daily Telegraph this week. Speaking on a Centre for Policy Studies’ panel on the future of the welfare system, Opperman spoke about how the government is looking at reducing economic inactivity. He is quoted as saying ministers were considering… View Article

CPS welcomes the Prime Minister’s statement on stopping the Channel crossings

Karl Williams, Researcher at the Centre for Policy Studies and co-author of “Stopping the Crossings” said: “The announcement from the Prime Minister today shows how seriously the government is taking the issue of tackling illegal migration. “The key principles we set out in “Stopping the Crossings” – that if you arrive illegally via a safe… View Article

Home Office considers detention and ban for people entering illegally

Reporting on the CPS paper “Stopping the Crossings”, The Guardian wrote: ‘The ideas are contained in a report by the rightwing thinktank the Centre for Policy Studies, for which Braverman wrote a foreword.’ ‘While the home secretary said she did not agree with everything in the report, the Home Office did not deny that some… View Article

Rwanda is the right place for boat people

The latest CPS report “Stopping the Crossings” forms the basis of the latest Times column from Matthew Parris. “The relentless rise in the numbers of (mostly) young men risking their lives to reach our shores simply cannot be allowed to continue” he writes, going on to say the proposals contained in the report by former… View Article

The ‘moral case’ against policing migrant crossings is dishonest and dangerous

Juliet Samuel, Daily Telegraph columnist, has highlighted recent CPS report “Stopping the Crossings” in her latest article. The report addresses the failings of the UK’s immigration and asylum system, reveals new public polling on the issue, and sets out a comprehensive set of policy proposals on how to improve the system. Samuel praises the report,… View Article

CPS welcomes Chancellor’s financial services reforms

Gerard B Lyons, Business Researcher at the Centre for Policy Studies, said: “The ‘Edinburgh Reforms’ to financial services unveiled by the Chancellor today are a welcome collection of proposals that strike the right balance between seizing the benefits of Brexit and avoiding unnecessary change for its own sake. “Some have accused these reforms of representing… View Article

CPS Response: Schools Bill Scrapped

Mark Lehain, Head of Education at the Center for Policy Studies said: “Given the political turmoil of recent months, it is not too surprising the Schools Bill has been scrapped in its current form. However, that is no excuse for the most urgent and important elements of the Bill not to be addressed so it… View Article

Migrant crisis could pay for 62k extra nurses

Following publication of ‘Stopping the Crossings’, a report he co-authored with Nick Timothy, Karl Williams wrote an Op-ed in The Sun. ‘Given the looming strikes in the NHS, the extra £1.5billion we are now spending on asylum seekers could instead have funded an extra five to six per cent pay raise for every nurse in… View Article

Panicking Tories plan tough new laws on asylum

The Sunday Times front page exclusively revealed that Suella Braverman endorsed the CPS report ‘Stopping the Crossings’ by Nick Timothy and Karl Williams. ‘Braverman has written a foreword saying she “welcomes” the report by Nick Timothy, an adviser to Theresa May when she was home secretary and prime minister.’ ‘It is highly unusual for serving… View Article

Autumn Statement Response: Hunt wields the scalpel, not the axe

The Autumn Statement was a sensible and measured response to the fiscal challenges facing the country, the Centre for Policy Studies (CPS) said today. While it is never a good idea for taxes to go up, the Chancellor rightly steered clear of many of the most dangerous ideas aired in the run-up to this statement…. View Article

Michael Gove pledges to block ‘ugly’ new housing developments

The Independent reports on comments from Housing Secretary Michael Gove who promised the government would “use all the powers we have, including call-in powers, in order to make sure that developments which are not aesthetically of high quality don’t go ahead”. The cabinet minister suggested objections to new housing developments were often because communities were… View Article

Gove backs ‘BIDEN’ in bid to win support for new housing developments

Housing Secretary Michael Gove set out 5 key tests for housing reform in a speech to the Centre for Policy Studies Margaret Thatcher Conference on Growth. In comments reported by the Evening Standard, Gove said focusing on beauty, infrastructure, democracy, environment and neighbourhood – or BIDEN – would help tackle “rational” objections some communities have… View Article

Axing house building targets would put 800,000 jobs at risk, warns CPS

The Daily Telegraph reports on figures published by the Centre for Policy Studies which calculate that scrapping housing targets could cause a 20 percent reduction in new homes being built. “Rendering housing targets ineffective” by allowing councils to not make land available for new homes would lead to a drop in developments, say CPS Head… View Article

Why the ‘shambolic’ cost of childcare doesn’t add up

CPS Head of Education Mark Lehain is quoted by the Daily Telegraph in a story about the spiralling cost of UK childcare. Asked about policy which could help ease the burden on parents, Mark said “I think relaxing the ratios will help and we can trust child care providers to do that in the right… View Article

Hunt mini-budget overhaul right for now but investment relief needed, Thatcherites urge

City A.M. covers a new report from US-based Tax Foundation and the Centre for Policy Studies, claiming the UK’s tax competitiveness will fall in 2023. Despite remaining more competitive than France or Spain, tax cut reversals as part of Jeremy Hunt’s Autumn Statement mean the UK will fall from 26th to 33rd. “Once market conditions… View Article

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