CPS welcomes the Prime Minister’s statement on stopping the Channel crossings

Karl Williams, Researcher at the Centre for Policy Studies and co-author of “Stopping the Crossings” said:

“The announcement from the Prime Minister today shows how seriously the government is taking the issue of tackling illegal migration.

“The key principles we set out in “Stopping the Crossings” – that if you arrive illegally via a safe country, you will be relocated and will never be allowed to settle here; that as Channel crossings fall, we will be able to take more asylum seekers via legitimate routes; and that the UK should have a quota for asylum seekers set and reviewed by Parliament – are all now part of the government’s plan.

“Offshoring of illegal maritime entrants to third countries is vital to deterring the crossings so it is also welcome that the Prime Minister set out the government’s continuing commitment to implementing the deal with Rwanda.

“We also support plans to increase resourcing for border officials, enhance data sharing and remove administrative blockages in the immigration and asylum system.

“Our polling shows that these ideas have the backing of the public and it is reassuring to see the government announcing strong action today.”

Notes to Editors

  • “Stopping the Crossings” by Nick Timothy and Karl Williams is available here.
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Date Added: Tuesday 13th December 2022