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No Way to Help the High Street

A new paper from the Centre for Policy Studies, supported by the Coalition for a Digital Economy (Coadec), shows that an Online Sales Tax would do more harm than good to consumers, businesses and the economy – as the Government’s own consultation paper to a large extent acknowledges.

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Morality and Markets

Lord Harris of High Cross - General

I am speaking here at St Georges house Windsor not as an amateur theologian but as a professional economist concerned with moral values.

Every Adult a Share-Owner

Shirley Robin Letwin - Economy

Suppose that every adult in Britain acquired £100 worth of shares in some British Company/ Suppose that, apart from undertaking not to transfer those shares for five years, each adult enjoyed all the rights of a shareholder.

Equity for Everyman

John Redwood MP - General

The industrial revolution brought many blessings. It brought greater output. It freed many people working on the land and brought them many new homes, new products and new luxuries.

Employment Examined

Sir Cyril Taylor - General

The Department of Employment should supply monthly data for the number in work in Britain as well as the number out of work.

Distant Views

Graham Pye - General

When a proposition has become universally acceptable to political commentators, writers of letters to MPs, media pundits and school-teachers taking current affairs classes, it is a very likely indication hat the proposition in question is, or has become, false.

Business Still Burdened

Theresa Gorman - Economy

We look to small businesses and the self-employed to produce growth, employment and wealth. In Britain today about six million people work for small firms.

A case for coherence

George Urban - Foreign Policy

Nations with a long habit of making foreign policy on a world scale may be forgiven for feeling that they need no written formula to explain what they have always been doing.

Lets into Leases

Martin Ricketts - General

The decline in the private rented sector has, in some ways, been inevitable.

Work of the Study Groups

CPS - General

The Centre for Policy Studies engages in two sorts of activities – the proposal and elaboration of policies which are worthy of pursuit, and the influencing of opinion so as to secure support for them. The distribution of effort between these two actives is dictated by the nature and extent of our resources.

Whiter Monetarism

CPS - Economy

Financial markets, both in London and throughout the world are in the throes of fundamental and far-reaching changes. Barriers between previously separate markets are coming down. The old institutional distinctions no longer apply. The financial map is redrawn.

Trust the Tenant

Alex Henney - Public Services

We have chosen to consider council housing because there remain many council tenants who are unable to take advantage of that policy and yet after dissatisfied with their present form of tenure, rented Council housing has not been one of the successes of the welfare state.

Trials of Honeyford

Andrew Brown - Public Services

In he autumn of 1980, Ray Honeyford, then aged 46 was appointed to the headship of Drummond Middle School in Bradford. He was a supporter of the Labour Party, a Catholic who had been born one of eleven children in a Manchester slum, gained an MA while head of English at a Manchester comprehensive and later gained a second degree in psychology.

Terrorism and Tolerance

T.E Utley - General

I have never until tonight had an opportunity to express publically my admiration for my old friend Ross McWhirter.

Technical Schools

Fred Naylor - Public Services

New attitudes to open elites and healthy competition are urgently needed in our education system. The pursuit of uniformity has been a mistake and has greatly hindered our attempts to become competitive in world trade. If political courage is needed to admit this, so be it.

Qualgos just Grow

CPS - General

Voluntary bodies today enjoy an aggregate annual income of almost £10billion, a sum which is increasing fast. But the term Voluntary is a misnomer.

Put Pits into Profit

Keith Boyfield - Economy

Government policy towards the coal industry should have in sight the following targets.

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721 - 736 of 805 Research articles