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No Way to Help the High Street

A new paper from the Centre for Policy Studies, supported by the Coalition for a Digital Economy (Coadec), shows that an Online Sales Tax would do more harm than good to consumers, businesses and the economy – as the Government’s own consultation paper to a large extent acknowledges.

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British Shipping: The Right Course

Michael Colvin MP - General

This pamphlet takes a fresh look at the problems of the British shipping industry and suggests practical proposals to solve them.

The Inner London Education Authority after the Abolition of the Greater London Council

John McIntosh - Public Services

In January 1981 two of the present authors wrote a report for the CPS, The Inner London Education Authority: A Case for Reform. In it they trace the development of the ILEA since it was set up under the London government act of 1963, looked at its composition and constitution, drew attention to a number… View Article

The case for the round reading room

Hugh Thomas - Public Services

In this paper I argue that the nation would be best served by amending the present plans for a monumental new British library. My suggestion is that the Library should limit itself to carrying out a modified version of its first stage as announced by the then Secretary of State for Education and Science in March 1979, approved by the then Minister for the Arts in November 1980, and embarked upon in 1982.

Power to the People!

Anthony Flew - Public Services

It is neither a new nor a difficult notion. Education vouchers, perhaps better called education allowances, are on old and simple suggestion. Yet it is a suggestion offering quite enormous promise. There is no doubt that today and in our country this idea is an idea whose time has come.

Personal and Portable Pensions – For All

CPS - General

There should be a fundamental review of pension legislation to remove the penalty on changing jobs, to aid mobility and to link individuals more closely with the wealth represented by their pension fund.

BL: Changing Gear

CPS - General

Between 1975, when the Company became state-aided, and in January 1983, BL received £2,051m from the Government. Except for the loans from the NEB which were subsequently converted into equity and the stake in Wholesale Vehicle Finance Ltd. Neither interest nor dividend has been paid on this sum.

Airports UK: A Policy for the UK’s Civil Airports

Michael Colvin MP - General

This pamphlet offers a new analysis of the problems facing Britain’s airports system. It shows how state control has led to an inefficient use of resources with passenger capacity under pressure in the London area and in excess everywhere else. It explains how the British Airports Authority uses its monopoly position to raise charges to the airlines and their passengers to fund its development programme, including the costly proposals for expansion at Stanstead, and why no positive regional strategy has yet been produced.

Worried to Death

Russell Lewis - General

After one of the greatest election triumphs in history, the Conservatives return to Government to attend, we hope, with renewed vigour to some important unfinished business.

What we ought to do about the Soviet Threat

CPS - Foreign Policy

The fundamental reason why the Soviet Union represents a permanent threat to the freedom of the British and other western peoples in the nature of the Soviet regime itself.

The “Right to Strike” in a Free Society

CPS - General

The right of employees to withdraw their labour in an organised fashion was achieved slowly and it must be admitted, sometimes painfully during the nineteenth century and in the first years of this century. The background was one in which employees individually worked at great economic disadvantages vis-à-vis the employer and one in which some employers were willing to exploit their advantage.

The Right to Learn: A Conservative Approach to Education

CPS - Public Services

Any document designed to serve as the basis for discussion of Conservative Party education policy for the mod eighties is unavoidably faced by inherent stumbling-blocks, dating from a long time back.

The Truth about Transport

Angus Dalgleish - General

For a clear understanding of the present situation as regards transport in this country it is necessary to have some knowledge of the historical background. Until the 18th century overland movement was by the common roads which had developed from medieval packhorse trails between villages. The alignments of these had been adjusted over the years to take advantage of dry ground and to avoid the worst sloughs.

Telecommunications in Britain: Switching Direction

CPS - Media & Technology

This study was undertaken at the suggestion of the Department of Industry. Its purpose is to consider the implications for government policy which are raised by the British Telecommunications Act of 1981. For this act has given the UK a unique telecommunications framework.

Value for Money Audits

John Redwood MP - Economy

In March 1978 the government White Paper on the nationalised industries outlined their significance to the economy in the following terms.

The Giant with Feet of Clay: The British Steel Industry 1945-1981

John Redwood MP - Economy

The history of the British steel industry over the last 35 years is a chronicle of industrial activity being hindered by government interference. The industry has been subject to two nationalisations with all their consequent upheaval.

The Economic Adviser’s Role: Scope and Limitations

Alan Walters - Economy

There is not much mystery to the job description for an economic adviser. He is expected to give advice on economic matters. But most job descriptions it conceals more than it reveals. Unlike the Emperor, the economist does have clothes of sorts – although views differ as to whether the garb is that of a dunce, a fool or an undertaker.

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753 - 768 of 805 Research articles