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Press Release: “Tyrie & Peto: Why A UK Inquiry Into Extraordinary Rendition Is Needed Now”

Andrew Tyrie MP and Tony Peto QC call for a thorough inquiry to establish the extent of the UK’s involvement in extraordinary rendition.

Be careful about cutting those tax credits (Telegraph and Spectator)

Rupert Darwall’s research for the CPS on tax credits in 2006 was cited by Fraser Nelson in his review of the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement.

Careful, chancellor: there is good austerity and bad austerity (City AM)

Planned cuts to government expenditure pale in comparison to its huge expansion under New Labour, writes City AM editor Allister Heath.

More cuts or tax rises needed after 2015, thinktank warns (Guardian)

The Guardian’s economics blog cites the CPS’s response to the Autumn Statement in its latest growth bulletin.

A case of lies, damn lies and our rocketing national debt (City AM)

Allister Heath, the editor of City AM, cites a poll commissioned by the CPS as evidence of the public’s lack of awareness of the national debt.

Sluggish growth makes further cuts to spending more essential than ever (City AM)

CPS Head of Economic Research Ryan Bourne writes in City AM on the necessity for further spending cuts.

Autumn Statement: CPS Calls For Action On Debt (Sky News)

The Chancellor should freeze international aid and state benefits immediately, says the CPS.

Centre for Policy Studies demands pension overhaul (FT Adviser)

Michael Johnson of the CPS says the current tax relief framework should be overhauled.

Autumn Statement: What will George Osborne say? (The Telegraph)

The Chancellor should merge existing taxes rather than introduce new charges, says the CPS.

Recommendations for Autumn Statement

The Chancellor looks likely to miss his net debt target on unchanged policies. In a Centre For Policy Studies briefing note, published on Friday 30 November, Ryan Bourne and Tim Knox recommend that he sets out a clear path to reducing government spending to 38% of GDP.

A million more working families live in poverty than households where everyone is on the dole (Daily Mail)

Research by the CPS shows that spiralling welfare costs undermine the Government’s aim to make work pay.

Thatcher’s favourite think tank backs Danny Alexander (Spectator)

The Spectator’s Jonathan Jones reports on the CPS’s ideas for pension reform.

Osborne’s lose-lose Autumn Statement dilemma

Growth Bulletin 22nd November 2012.

The Tories have gone astray – and I helped (The Telegraph)

CPS Board Member George Bridges writes in The Daily Telegraph that ever since 1997, the Conservative Party has put strategy above principle, with disastrous results.

George Osborne, balancing the budget on the backs of the rich (The Spectator)

Michael Johnson CPS Pointmaker ‘Bring Back the 10p Rebate’ received a mention in David Blackburn’s Spectator Coffee House blog.

The poor are growing richer – and it’s nothing to do with redistribution (City AM)

Head of Economic Research Ryan Bourne writes for City AM.

1 - 16 of 157 Search results