More cuts or tax rises needed after 2015, thinktank warns (Guardian)

The Guardian’s economics blog cites the CPS’s response to the Autumn Statement in its latest growth bulletin.

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“The rightwing thinktank the Centre for Policy Studies said Osborne had failed to match the radicalism of Margaret Thatcher. It argued for a shorter, sharper shock to the public finances, with steeper cuts to welfare payments and a tougher stance on workless households.

“It is fanciful to believe this can be achieved merely by savings in administration, or freezing certain departmental spending limits while ring-fencing vast swaths of the public sector. What is needed is a fundamental re-examination of the scope of government and of the eligibility for government transfers,” it said.”

The CPS’s latest growth bulletin, ‘More Barber than Howe’, was released yesterday.

Date Added: Friday 7th December 2012