All too often people in this country feel that if you put in and contribute, you get less than your fair share. We all support a welfare state, but it has to ensure that those who look after themselves and families are rewarded not penalised, and this is at the heart of our welfare work.

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A Raw Deal for Lone Parents: Evaluating the Evidence

David Willetts MP - Social Policy

Gordon brown announced the New Deal for Lone Parents in his July 1997 Budget. Harriet Harman, then Secretary of State for Social Security, claimed ‘nearly all lone parents want to work… They want to work, not despite their children, but because of them’… we will hope lone mothers get off benefit and into work’.

The Four Failures of the New Deal

Damian Green MP - Social Policy

MP for Ashford, Damian Green investigates one of New Labour’s flagship policies – the New Deal work programme – and finds how it is damaging to both the unemployed and business.

Privitise the Prosecutors: Efficiency and Justice in the Criminal Courts

Christopher Frazer - Social Policy

In 1985, the Conservative government created the Crown Prosecution Service. Unlike other state-administered services the CPS was not intended to further Utopian ideals of equality and social justice, nor to harmonise one area of public service provision with others.

Towards an Employee’s Charter

Nicolas Finney - Social Policy

After more than ten years of employment law reform it is not surprising that some are now calling for a halt to the process. But the government have refused to listen to these siren voices and instead have recently recommended further changes in their Green Paper Industrial Relations in the 1990s.

The Importance of Parenting

Lord Joseph - Social Policy

My topic – the quality of parenting – is an emotional minefield. But when deficient it underlies many problems and caused much misery.

Rewards of Parenthood

Lord Joseph - Social Policy

Some Conservatives say that since, under God people procreate voluntarily then children are matters of consumer choice: and that the costs of rearing them should be the responsibility of their parents.

Returning to Work: New Directions for the Restart Scheme

Anthea Zeman - Social Policy

Restart was introduced in 1986 by the Manpower Services Commission, during Lord Young’s term as Secretary of State for Employment. The Purpose of the scheme (which now comes under the employment service) is to reduce long-term unemployment: by providing information, individual counselling, and help with making new beginnings.

The Egalitarian Conceit

Kenneth Minogue - Social Policy

For two centuries, ever since the revolution of 1789, Europe has been haunted by the spectre of egalitarianism. Yet the pursuit of equality has benefited precious few.

Planning Planning

Richard Ehrman - Social Policy

The Government is pledged to remove constraints on the operation and expansion of businesses and to encourage the spread of home ownership; indeed, these pledges are central to its economic policies.

Pensions & Privilege

Philip Chappell - Social Policy

The number of shareholders in Britain has grown dramatically in the last five years, but the proportion of equities held by individuals continues to decline.

Making Unionism Positive

Liam Fox - Social Policy

The last General Election produced one of the worst results ever for the Conservative party in Schotland.

Home Truths for Foreign Aid

Sajid Javid - Social Policy

The present Government has embarked on a programme to reshape Britain – its institutions, the attitudes of its society and the aspirations of its individual citizens.

Privatise Power

Alex Henney - Social Policy

Britain’s electricity supply industry is on the verge of a programme of heavy capital expenditure, to fill a supply gap forecast to widen rapidly in the early years of the next decade.

More to do

CPS - Social Policy

Without an educated citizenry all the achievements of the present government will be built upon sand.

Good Council Guide

Paul Beresford - Social Policy

Over the last nine years, Conservative Wandsworht Council has reversed the downward spiral so typical of the inner city.

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33 - 47 of 47 Research articles