The 2013 Keith Joseph Memorial Lecture



MGThe 2013 Keith Joseph Memorial Lecture was delivered by the Secretary of State for Education Michael Gove MP.

In a speech which touched on a range of policy areas, Mr Gove used Keith Joseph’s various ministerial positions as a thread to argue that the Coalition government had a clear social policy to alleviate deprivation and hardship, and to provide the platform through which the very poorest in our society could achieve their potential. In this analysis, he touched on all of health, education, childcare, housing and justice policy. He argued that Keith Joseph was a ‘compassionate conservative’ and that the Government were fulfilling reforms which built on his legacy.

In an open Q&A session following the lecture, Mr Gove was asked about the rise of UKIP, the Government’s position on the EU, whether immigration policy was harming the higher education sector, whether Higher Education should be brought back inside of his department and whether he supported the idea of profit-making schools.

Michael Gove MP - Friday, 17th May, 2013