Second Amongst Equals

What part did Conservative women play in developing modern politics? What does the Conservative Party know about modern women? Does the Conservative Party have the interests of the women of Britain at heart?

Tessa Keswick argues that women were instrumental in the electoral success of the Conservative Party over much of the twentieth century. In turn, the Conservative Party promoted policies which reflected the growing status of women in society.

But in recent years, this symbiotic relationship has broken down. And as the Conservative Party has lost touch with the aspirations and concerns of modern women, so has the Labour Party listened – to its great electoral benefit.

In this ground-breaking speech, Tessa Keswick calls not only for a radical overhaul of the party organisation but for the development and proclamation of a package of women-friendly policies. Only by adopting this twin-track approach can the Conservative Party recapture the allegiance of this most important of voting groups.

Tessa Keswick - Sunday, 8th October, 2000