New Blue – Ideas for a New Generation

The Centre for Policy Studies today publishes a landmark collection of policy essays, New Blue: Ideas for a New Generation’, from rising stars of the 2015 & 2017 intakes of Tory MPs and other fresh voices.

‘New Blue’ contains practical policy suggestions intended to speak to young voters’ concerns. The topics range from planning to pensions, student mental health to regional investment, automation and the future of work to green technology.

The collection is part of the Centre for Policy Studies’ New Generation programme, and was produced in collaboration with Ben Bradley MP, the Conservative Party’s Vice Chair for Youth, who writes the introduction.

‘New Blue’ also features exclusive polling from YouGov, outlined in an essay by CPS Director Robert Colvile, on the views and attitudes of younger voters. It shows the urgent need for the Conservative Party to make the case for its values and principles to the younger generation – and for government to address their concerns, in particular over home ownership and the cost of living.

Taken as a whole, this essay collection showcases the depth of talent within the new generation of conservative thinkers, and the range of views within the party. It also demonstrates the CPS’s commitment, via its New Generation project, to providing a platform for fresh voices and acting as a home for debate within the conservative movement.

‘New Blue: Ideas for a New Generation’ includes essays by Bim Afolami MP, Andrew Bowie MP, Ben Bradley MP, Simon Clarke MP, Luke Graham MP, Alan Mak MP, Paul Masterton MP, Lee Rowley MP, Helen Whately MP & Alys Denby, Emma Barr, Robert Colvile, Nick Denys, Isabella Gornall and Dolly Theis.

In his introduction to the essay collection, Ben Bradley, Conservative Party Vice-Chair for Youth, said:

“The 2017 election highlighted that clearly more needs to be done to engage with younger people. It’s particularly important that a generation of young workers, families and students hear the arguments in an engaging way, about the conservative vision of supporting freedom of choice, aspiration and opportunity.

“New Blue is a collection of ideas from conservative colleagues across Parliament and the country, offering practical suggestions to deal with our future challenges and addressing the problems faced by voters in their everyday lives.”

Robert Colvile, Director of the CPS, said:

“Young people aren’t an alien species. They just want what we all want: more money, better jobs, homes of their own, and public services they can rely on. The proposals in this collection are aimed squarely at making their lives better, and I’m delighted that the CPS can provide a platform for these authors and their ideas.”

Centre for Policy Studies - Tuesday, 15th May, 2018